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Hey everyone. I'm knew in this group and for what I read its perfect for me cause im not necessarily fat but I'm still struggling with my weight and body fat... Even though I do as much exercise as I can, it seems I cannot lose weight that easy and my body fat is still the same. I don't know what else to do


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    Hey and welcome! Are you doing any kind of strength training right now? That is what really helped me lower my body fat and get that fit/toned look
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    I am new here too, new to MFP -- was using LoseIt for literally 15 years or so... switched to MFP because my daughter convinced me it was easier. I do 3x a week circuit/weight training and ride my bicycle as much as possible. also enjoy skiing, all kinds. I. Love. Food. Even though I am within my weight range, I am on the very high end and I feel best when I am on the low end... so the eternal quest to lose 10-15 pounds continues. I'm 57 and have arthritis issues so sometimes it is very hard to motivate myself to do anything. my daughter is a fitness junkee so that helps, she is very encouraging but busy with her life, I need some accountability.
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    I've been on MFP for 3 weeks now and finding it helpful. I'm also in the normal weight range and started with the goal of losing 9-10lbs - I've already lost 4 so another 5 to go, I also have the arthritis issues which sometimes makes exercise a problem but I'm doing my best. I find logging food very good as it makes me more aware of what I'm eating. I know from experience it is always more difficult to lose a few pounds as you are not really overeating by that much anyway so you have to try really hard..
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    Hi All. I am new to the group and have to lose this last 15 pounds. I work out 3-4 days a week but I really need to get more toned. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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    Good luck I'm sure you will do it but beware it takes more time than you think to lose a few pounds. I don't seem to have lost any weight this week and this is where the food logging really helps. I've looked through and realised that I need to cut down the snacks - although my overall calorie intake is ok and generally just under my goal, I'm eating more sugar than I realised (mostly from fruit). I'm going to try and cut 200 calories next week (currently I'm on 1,400). I'm also wondering how accurate the calories burned by exercise is.
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    Hi, I've got about 7lb to lose now, but it's going really slowly. I have lost 9.5lb this year. Keep telling myself it's not a race, but a healthy more active lifestyle that I want/need.

    Good luck
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    Hi All. I am new to the group and have to lose this last 15 pounds. I work out 3-4 days a week but I really need to get more toned. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

    Hey there!

    I am also trying to lose the same amount of weight, and hopefully in time for my holiday in October!

    I am currently running 3 days a week and then a strength workout on 3 other days. At the moment I am doing 30 Days Shred which I love! I gave Insanity a go the other week but it nearly killed me at day 4 so taking a break for a few weeks ;-)

    Good Luck Guys!!!
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    Hello! I used to swim in college, recent grad so i'm officially retired from the "professional" athlete life. I've gained a few pounds since then, so i'm trying to get back down to the more lean body I had.

    Back in the day I used to swim intensely about 16-20 hours a week and lift about 3-4 hours a week. So now I'm at roughly 6-10 hours of working out a week, a steep drop I know. I was a sprinter so i'm struggling with the longer cardio parts of working out alone, but I've recently gotten into being able to run a 10k at a steady/slowish rate. Land is new to me, but it's a start!

    Just trying to lose another 5-10lbs, I'd be happy to do this together with the community. I miss having a team of amazing people as support and I am happy to offer my support as well!
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    Hi ladies. I've been using MFP for 2 years now. It has really kept me engaged in my weight loss journey. Diet is everything with fat loss. As we age our bodies just don't break down sugar like it used to when we were young. In fat sugar turns to hard fat - hence so many people with metabolic syndrome which causes that excess belly fat. I do weight lifting and interval cardio throughout the week and it took a whole year before I saw results. I found if I kept my sugar grams to under 40 it made a big difference with weight loss. Also I started to see that white sugar really is like an addictive poison and I didn't feel good on the days I ate sugary foods. So far I have lost 30 of the 40 pounds I needed to lose. These last 10 pounds are even more difficult but I will try to cut back my calories for a few weeks to see if this helps. I will support everyone on their journeys as best as I can. Take care everyone.
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    Hi, I'm 56 years old and I have trouble keeping off that last 4 to 5 pounds! I am 4'11" and 109 pounds, which just feels a little too much. I teach fitness classes, including two regular Zumba classes, Aqua Zumba, and Zumba Gold every week as well as Silver Sneakers classes and strength training classes. You'd think I would be thin, but I love to cook and I love food, and all my classes make me hungry, so I struggle just like everyone else. I look fine, but I just feel better at a little lower weight, and also my body fat percentage is pretty high, 30% or more, which I also don't understand except that I do a lot of cardio. I should do more strength training and less cardio, but then my calorie goal is so low it's hard to be compliant. I do need to be more consistent about logging, but when life gets busy it's just SO TEDIOUS! And when you cook, logging is much more complicated because you have to add every recipe.
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    Welcome Everyone. We are happy to have you
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    Hi I wanted to let everyone know that I find drinking hot water is a great way to fend off eating binges. I have been doing this daily for the last two weeks and it really is helping me keep my mind off of food.
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    mayefso wrote: »
    Hey everyone. I'm new in this group and for what I read its perfect for me cause im not necessarily fat but I'm still struggling with my weight and body fat... Even though I do as much exercise as I can, it seems I cannot lose weight that easy and my body fat is still the same. I don't know what else to do

    Have you tried the calculator to help you with your macros?

    You look quite slim in your photo and I know it is harder to lose when you are already slimmer. Somethings that have helped me.
    • Use the IIFYM calculator for marcros
    • Eat as clean as you can - that can be a deal breaker for losing fat. The correct macros + clean eating is so important.
    • What GuageGirls videos on YouTube - SO educational and inspiring. She is very down to earth and all her info is based on science. I really enjoyed her videos on body type too.
    • Find a program that incorporates both weight lifting and cardio.
    • Get support on here to help keep you on track!
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    Hiya. I'm new, and wanted to say hi. Public accountability is a pretty good motivator, apparently, and it's also inspiring to read about what other people are doing. Here's my two cents' worth - maybe there are bits you can relate to? Suggestions/advice welcome.

    I've always been kinda semi-fit. Like, I fit into an (Australian) size 10, I've played soccer and done a couple of half-marathons (very slowly and with lots of training) and mini-triathlons. I've never made it to the next step, where I actually feel really fit and strong, and now all of a sudden I'm 35 and I'm scared I never will. Fear is also a good motivator! If I'm honest, I am still tempted to glorify what I think of as my 'fitness peak', at age 15. Number one, that was 20 years ago; number two, I was desperately unhappy and losing weight in really unhealthy ways.

    I started a new job last year, which I love, but which has a massively steep learning curve. I'm always mega stressed - which is playing itself out in various unpleasant ways in my body - and working all the time. I've prioritised work over health and fitness, and the end result is that I don't exercise regularly and am not eating healthily. I've lost muscle tone, gained about 6kg, and feel pretty gross. I'm starting to get cellulite on my upper arms, which I am not happy about! I am also drinking alcohol a lot more regularly than I used to, which I don't like. It's never been my vice of choice, and I don't want it to start now.

    The biggest hurdle for me is moderation. I can reduce my calorie intake for probably about 6 weeks before I end up reacting like a toddler, chucking it all in and going nuts with a box of guylian (do you even have those chocolates in the US?). It pains me to say it, because I'd love to be a self-discipline ninja, but it's true. I know it's blinding common sense, but I need to build in habits for diet and exercise that I can realistically carry out for the next month, twelve months and twelve years. I tend to see my weight-loss goals in terms of a time of 'dieting' and then a mythical time of 'afterwards', which never happens, because I never get there. So I think it's actually better for me to aim for what seems like a high calorie intake, like 2000, but really genuinely keep under that consistently, and do lots of exercise consistently.

    Luckily for me, I really love exercise and sport. So how hard can it be to get fit? I hate being tired though, and when I start from being unfit, I get really tired after exercise.

    Although I'm tempted to go hard, cut out all alcohol, sugar, carbs and whatever else, and exist on salmon and zucchini noodles for the next twelve weeks, past experience suggests it's not going to work for me.

    Here are my very extremely achievable goals for the next week:
    - Maximum of five alcoholic beverages
    - Take my mason-jar salad for lunch every work day
    - Egg on toast for breakfast
    - 3 half-hour exercise sessions
    - 8 hours' sleep every night (sorry if you are a parent and you're like omg what even is that)
    - Meditate 10 mins each day after work (I think it's really good for bringing stress levels down -> less desire for cake)

    That's it.

    Also, I've managed to tear both knee ligaments, annoyingly. So I'm looking down the barrel of 4 weeks of no running or high-impact exercise. I will need to be a bit creative. Looks like it will be swimming, walking and bodyweight workouts.

    Thanks for listening. Good luck comrades.
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    I lost my post, I'll write it again - I totally get the Guylian (we have it in the UK too). I've twisted a ligament too, my physio says I can swim but no breastroke... I think logging is the single most useful thing as it makes me think before I consume knowing I've got to put it in my food diary. Good luck I'll be interested to hear your progress.
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    Hi! This group is a good fit for me. I workout almost every day, but I have been stress eating over the last 6 months and gained about 10 pounds. Not caving into the cravings has been tough.
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    Hey everbody anybody wanna add me to fitbit please do so [email protected] Im looking to help encoruage and be of any support to everyone on their journey as well as looking for everyone to inspire me
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    silverbullet2017 I totally get what you are saying about this being for the now and the future, I'm just getting my head to try and think like that, I know what I am doing needs to be a long term thing, not just 'I will get down to x weight and then that's it' I know that I can get down to the weight I want, but I also want to be fitter and healthier forever.
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    Maybe it's time to take a hard look at what you're eating, particularly if you're working out a lot already. Are you eating the best possible foods for your body? Lots of fiber and lean protein, if you eat meat, wholegrains/brown rice and bread as well as good fats (eggs/avocados) and dairy (Greek yoghurt etc). You don't have to cut carbs down if you don't want to. Some people really benefit from it but some don't. I never have. I need the energy they provide. Drink lots of water too as that can help to stop your body retaining water and bloating. 2 litres is a good place to start. You might need more, you might not.

    In terms of losing weight/fat loss you need to be weighing your food so you can be accurate about how much you're actually eating. Guessing can put you out as much as 200-300 calories which is easily 1/4 of a pound, which if it happens at every meal can add up to a lot. Amazon do great and cheap scales, I use Salter.

    The most important thing is just to learn your body. What makes it feel good and keep yourself in that sweet spot. For me that's eating 3 square meals and 2 snacks a day. Porridge/Oatmeal made with almond milk for breakfast with a coffee, yoghurt or dried fruit and a coffee either mid morning or after lunch, salad, soup or granary loaf sandwich for lunch and then meat and veg for dinner (fish, quorn sausages, quiche, turkey breast whatever strikes me). I train in the evenings 3 days a week so I'll then eat a raw bar (Nakd, Pulsin or Primal Pantry) just before my session. I also eat whole pizzas when I have the calories for it, the same with chocolate, popcorn and all that other good stuff. I just don't eat it as much as before because it doesn't always make me feel physically good but it's good for the soul. :wink: