Weight training, not just for guys.

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any gals out there lift weights?


  • Drueru
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    I do! I started seeing an increase in my muscle mass and then I added some HIIT cardio and my muscle mass started decreasing... Found out yesterday and was so disappointed. I have a new plan- I know I need bcaa's (I get a min of 90g protein a day), I'm going to cut out the HIIT and just walk on my non-weight days, and I'm going to reduce my weightlifting sessions from 65 min 3x week to 45 min 3x week.
    Can't wait to see some positive changes!
  • Fallfrenzy
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    I do some strength training. Not sure how heavy you are looking to lift. I have definition in my arms and legs that you can see, but also know that it is covered by a layer of fat. I'm not sure that I'm willing to change my diet to get to 10% body fat. I know that protein is important in maintaining any muscle built through training even as you slim down. There are many threads/groups on here for that as well.
  • SoniaLemos
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    I started weight lifting two weeks ago. Got to say I'm starting to enjoy it.
  • Allmyusernamesaretakengeeze
    I do but right now am broke so no gym time. Huge difference in energy level when lifting. You get cardio when lifting if You are doing certain exercises like kick baa You can also do the ropes if your gym has them. I hate doing them but I do it anyway. Then there is the kick bag and hulk smashing a weighted ball into the mat.

    It is good to lift if you have a lot of weight to loose because muscle mass helps fill in that ever so attractive loose skin
  • tsawrie
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    Just started the Strong 5x5 a couple of weeks ago and love it! Need to increase my protein though to really see the results I want.
  • RedSassyPants
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    I do! Shift it up from week to week. Some on my own. Some classes. Take a GRAVITY class once a week (Think Chuck Norris Total Gym) Love the results I am seeing for now. Might shift it later.
  • croslandlk7
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    I do! I've never left out weight training in my routines for it helps to preserve muscle, keep the metabolism revved up and gives me added strength and tone. Considering we lose muscle as we age, it's important to do resistance exercises as well as cardio. Love the feeling of the "burn" afterwards that lasts a long time and those endorphins released that puts me in a good mood.
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    Hello, i have been weight lifting since august last year. My newest goal is 100 kg deadlift in approx. 6 weeks. I am not getting bulky at all. I still decrease centimetres on my waist and hips and gaining some cm. on arms and shoulders. I was looking for that to happen.
  • INeustaedter
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    Pound for pound muscle is smaller than fat so increase the weight, give each body part 24-48 hours rest in between and weight train 3-4 times per week. Be sure you're getting at least 100 gr of lean, healthy protein daily, take BCAA before, during and after training and complete each weight training session with 20-30 gr protein within one hour of your workout. You will see your mass muscle mass increase and your fat burn. Start your workouts with a 10 minute cardio warm-up followed by 15 minutes of Tabata HIIT. You will look shredded in no time. I'm 56 and in 3 months lost 21 lbs of fat, gained 6 lbs of muscle and lost too many inches to keep track of. I'm down 2 pant sizes! Oh yes, I also took CLA and L-Carnitene with my BCAA. Biggest message: good form over weight so as much weight as you can perform well and safely.
  • susandances
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    I do! I've been lifting consistently for about 6 years now. I'm almost 51 years old and I love the feeling I get from lifting. There is a great website to check out called GirlsGoneStrong.com. You can buy the handbook (I highly recommend it for beginners). It's inexpensive and very informative. You can also just check out the articles and blogs for free. There is also a FB group that you can join. It's great and the people on the site are so helpful and encouraging. Good luck!
  • lunarballooner
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    Weight training and preserving muscle mass is as important for women as men. Muscle burns calories, provides strength and gives that healthy confident glow. You don't want to be skinny fat!
  • tallvesl99
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    i would love to do weight training but I feel intimidated when I go in the weight room in the gym and have no idea where to start.
  • lunarballooner
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    I know what you mean, I usually just walk in like I know what I'm doing and head for my favorite cardio machine to get warmed up and comfortable. I watch what other people are doing and what the machines are for and then if its too busy I come back at a time when I can use the machines without feeling like there is a spotlight shining down on me lol, and so I can take my time without feeling like people are waiting on me. Most gyms have staff that are more than happy to help you also. I joined the ymca as it has people of all ages and levels of fitness.
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    Totally love weight lifting! It is my favorite exercise and the ONLY exercise I really love besides Pilates! :)
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    In response to talvesl99, who felt intimidated at the gym (and anyone else who feels the same): I do know the feeling of being intimidated at a gym, and I’ve been going off and on for a while. Lately I’ve been really liking weight lifting. What I got tired of was not really knowing which exercises were right for me.

    I have opted not to get a trainer at this time. I want flexibility in my scheduling. A book that I listened to (while walking) is from a trainer who teaches/preaches weights, clean food, nutrition and cardio to release fat. It is really is helping me right now. He gives the exercises, the days to do them, as examples, and the muscles you are working. Book is called Body Fat Solution, and the author gives exercises you can do at home with dumbbells. The exercises can also be done at the gym with bar bells or cables, but I have found that doing some lifting at home in the evening relieves stress and there is zero intimidation. Dumbbells are easily accessible.

    I found that his explanations of the exercises are ridiculous to understand as an audio book, but the training program is also presented as a PDF when you get the audio book. I looked at the PDF, looked up the exercise, then went to Bodybuilding.com for the video of the exercise so I would know what it looked like, and the right way to do it. It was time-consuming, but it was worth it. Some exercises I substituted for others that used the same muscles, according to Bodybuilding.com.

    Next I will get a caliper and really measure my fat! (gulp)
  • littlebuffbiddy
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    I do and I love it! I used to be a cardio person but I LOVE lifting.
    Current PRs:
    Bench 125 lb
    Squat: 160
    Deadlift: 155

    Sadly I tore or injured my rotator cuff so I am taking some time off of all my favorite exercises that require the barbell (and obviously anything that incorporates shoulders). :( Hopefully I can get back to "real" lifting soon. But in the meantime I'll be working on my glutes :D
  • trinaburk
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    I've beat myself up in the gym but I still love the iron; I lift and I lift heavy. I'm not a bodybuilder but I love working out with them. My strength and definition keeps me motivated. However, I do make sure to keep it in perspective because I still love my feminine look.

    Due to knee issues I can't squat heavy but I give that sleigh press a run for its money :wink:

    225 - Shoulder Shrugs
    500 - Sleigh press
    245 - Deadlift
    125 - Cable pull downs
    135 - Seated alt back row
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    I'm a cross fit girl... loving it! I guess the hardest part for me is food prep. Have to say, though, just opening the fridge and pulling out a meal is pretty convenient. I just hate the long hours of cooking on Sundays.... and if anyone has some amazing recipes to share, then please do!
  • elyse_chantal
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    I just started doing some strength training with Mark Fisher Fitness in NYC. It's been amazing. Such a supportive atmosphere. They teach you everything from the very beginning and focus on good form. I would have been so intimidated to start at a normal gym. I think there is an online streaming service they offer for people who aren't in NYC to access the training program.
  • BerniA1
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    I have just started with light dumbbells at home will get heavier ones as I progress as the nearest gym is 2 hours away I Also have a treadmill that I use everyday, so far I have lost 23kg so need to do weights to help with loose skin and I am 63 yrs old