Menstruation Question

Hello y'all

So I take a birth control pill and it has kept my cycle going like clockwork until this week. I started my period when I still had a week of pills to take. Wondering why? And now I'm wondering when I'm on the placebo in 3 days, will I continue menstruating?? Ugh.


  • anglyn1
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    I wasn't on any hormonal birth controls but when I first started keto my cycles were all over the place. It evened out after the first couple of months!
  • mmultanen
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    Insulin is a hormone and will interact with estrogen and progesterone (the hormones that regulate menstrual cycles). So, when you're eating a low carb diet you are impacting you're body's production of insulin because of your reduction in carbohydrate consumption. It's not uncommon for that disruption to "override" the hormonal birth control you're taking. When I was on hormonal BC while doing a low carb diet I had bleed through a lot of the time. I had to switch to a lower form of estrogen pill, and eventually went to a progesterone only pill. On the progesterone only pill I had no bleed through at all.

    If it continues, it's worth a discussion with your provider because that's annoying as *kitten*.
  • onedayatatime2011
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    Thank you ladies I feel a little better. I'm reading elsewhere too that people's symptoms even out given enough time, hopefully I'm the same. I had keto rash and that's gone, so fingers crossed for this one too
  • StacyChrz
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    Last month I started about 5 days before I switched to the placebo pills, this month it was only 1 day before. I think things are starting to balance out.