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Someone told me about the "warrior" diet....is this group similar to following that plan?


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    Hi, @2BeHappy2. If you have not yet had your question answered in another thread, here's my take on it, from what I remember when I read The Warrior Diet some time ago:

    The Warrior Diet is broadly classified as a form of intermittent fasting, and thus it has some similarities to One Meal a Day in that it recommends concentrating the majority of the day's calories in a shorter period of time, or "eating window." But unlike OMAD, the Warrior Diet allows periods of "undereating," in which one may consume raw fruits and vegetables and even some protein, before the main meal, the "overeating" part of the daily cycle. With OMAD, most people generally do not consume any calories or certainly not solids at all until the one meal of the day. (I'm a bit of an exception; I drink real whipping cream in my morning coffee and sometimes in the afternoon as well. It's the treat that keeps me going to dinner, and it does so without waking up my appetite. Others, however, drink only black coffee, tea, or other non-calorie beverages, until their one meal.)

    There are other changes related to what the Warrior Diet suggests one consume during the eating period or main meal -- as I recall, organic and unprocessed foods in the main. OMAD, as it is generally understood on this particular forum, is more forgiving of one's food choices when the eating window is open. That doesn't mean that there aren't those in this group who recommend a particular style of eating combined with OMAD -- for example, for some, the one meal a day is vegetarian, for others it might be low carb. But others do equally well when the one meal a day is whatever they choose, be it pasta or parsnips.

    The Warrior Diet also puts more of a focus on exercise than you will find in this forum. In short, there are similarities between the two regimens in the concentration of calories consumed during a discrete period of time, but there are many differences, also.
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    Thank You :smile: