Sleepy after a meal?

loriloftness Posts: 476 Member
I find that after a meal, no matter what it is, I have an period of time where I am so tired I feel like I can hardly keep my head up. Has anyone else experienced this? Eventually the tiredness passes and I am fine, but for that period right after the meal it is sometime hard to concentrate through the tiredness.


  • rpyle111
    rpyle111 Posts: 1,066 Member
    I get that sometimes with carb-heavy meals.
  • aylajane
    aylajane Posts: 979 Member
    Yes, but if you immediately take a walk it tends to stay away for me. When I say immediate, I mean you get your portion of food out that you SHOULD eat (no eating until you are "full"), and as the last bite is in your mouth you stand up, put your dishes in the sink or whatever and walk out the door. Preferably with company - my boyfriend and I have made it a habit now so we go together as part of the "meal". It not only stops the sleepiness, it greatly reduces "seconds" or "grazing" from just sitting there with food around.
  • JamesAztec
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    It's most likely refined carb spike and crash. Was happening to me all the time.
  • Robin628
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    That happened to me all the time for the first 8 months or so and then it tapered off. Now it only happens if I overindulge or like Aztec4Life said, have a carb heavy meal