I guess this might as well be deleted again?

5n00py Posts: 125 Member
If no one is going to join us, do the folk that are already here feel it warrants keeping this group to just our few selves?

If someone specifically wants the group to stay, please say so...... I'll delete it in early July unless we suddenly get a bunch more folk joining in, and/or one of you putting your hand up to keep it......


  • nevadavis1
    nevadavis1 Posts: 339 Member
    Thanks for starting this. Sorry I've been absent. I decided to do maintenance not weight loss during our moving houses as I was feeling overly tired and cranky. Will get back on the weight loss train after the move.
  • 5n00py
    5n00py Posts: 125 Member
    Hope your move goes smoothly and there are no stressful hiccoughs!

    Should I leave this group in existence, or you'll do your own thing when you get back into the swing of things later?
  • kdavid1987
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    Hello all, sorry I have been absent. I was on vacation this past week and retained my weight, which is an accomplishment in and of itself, but I didn't have much to report! I am not due for another weight in until Wednesday of next week. I will definitely be checking in at that time and hope everyone else is doing well. I for one enjoy having this group as I prefer the company of vegans online and in real life LOL! But if the group does disintegrate, please feel free to add me as I am always looking for supportive friends. Cheers ya'll!
  • dhnorton
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    just came back to MFP after about a year. I'd love to connect to other vegans in this group if you keep it
  • 5n00py
    5n00py Posts: 125 Member
    Woo Hoo! Some more activity!

    If folk are actually going to use the group for its intended purpose, it makes sense to keep it....

    Welcome all!