My personal ground rules to get this started right

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I find that I made a few missteps this first week.

First of all, I had a never ending lunch yesterday which led into my blowing the whole day because of that "well i blew it might as well enjoy myself" feeling.

so I thought it might be good to set up some ground rules just for myself to follow.

1. Each meal has to be one plate's worth with no seconds. So, not a never ending buffet claiming it to be "one meal". If I don't put it on a plate, how will I know if I"m over? Seems silly to put a piece of fruit on a plate or a cup of yogurt but I need to!

2. Between meals can have tea, water, gum, things that dont' really have a lot of calories. But having a latte that has sugar, milk, etc in it does not follow the rules. Save that stuff for the weekend. Black coffee with a small amount of milk, that would be ok. Keep in mind these are my rules for me, knowing what sets me off into binge land. Others might do ok with this, but I know what my slippery slope is with "beverages".

3. On S days, I am free to eat what i want, but i still shouldn't overeat. Pick what I want for breakfast, lunch, dinner. If i want a sweet with any of those meals, that's fine. A few snacks, that's fine. but not endless hedonism and gluttony. Just an enjoyable day where I try to eat like a normal person.

4. S days are weekend days (Saturday and Sunday) and then the special days of my choosing, mainly my birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, really special stuff like that. I can choose to take other ones but I need to think if they really have any meaning to me or I"m just taking them because i can (for instance, Valentine's day, Memorial day, 4th of July, Halloween) those may be warranted S days or maybe if I'm planning a special dinner or meal that day and there happens to be dessert that woudl be ok for those days. Again, no crazy hedonistic overeating planned. The idea is to practice moderation but give myself nice rewards for doing great on Monday - Friday.

5. If I have a Monday-Friday where I go off track, it's ok to rope myself in. In those cases I just have to realize I made a mistake and not just throw it all away.

6. One snack on S days doesn't lead to 10 snacks or what we call "binging"... I can have something I really want but that's good. Why overdo it just because I can?

Any rules you all have?