Hydration backpack / Shoulder chafing

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This weekend, I wore my new hydration backpack on a trail run. Since it's hot here in Texas, I wore a tank top. I got some pretty bad chafing on my shoulders.

I was wondering if anyone has some tips that have worked to prevent this? I'm not sure if I need to adjust it differently or if putting some duct tape on the shoulder straps might work? Since I also have to worry about sunburn, I really don't want to use anti chafing gel because that would probably remove my much needed sunscreen.



  • daj150
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    Oh man, duct tape will make it worse. I have found putting on Glide works wonders. However, you will need to make sure the pack is snug, because even with glide, if it's sliding too much, it's going to chafe no matter what. Another option, which again won't matter if the pack is sliding all over the place, is to take an old race tech shirt, cut out stripes and wrap around or sew to the bottom of the pack strap, so you have your tech shirt material on your skin. It will help wick away moisture that would otherwise get in the strap and rub against your shoulders. Good luck!
  • 7lenny7
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    I would try Leukotape. Not on the straps of your pack, but on your skin. I've not used it for this purpose but it works very well on feet & ankles to prevent blisters.

    This stuff sticks like crazy so you'd want to try a small piece first if you buy some. Shoulder skin is more sensitive than foot skin so this may be a bad idea, but it's what I would try. One side affect you may not like is an untanned area left behind.

    This is a good reminder for me to try out my new pack with a tank top before my ultra. I'd be PO'd if I were surprised by chaffing a few miles in on race day!
  • Vladimirnapkin
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    I could never wear a tank-top with a pack. It just eats me up. The tape (K tape, or equivalent) is an intriguing suggestion. I've just learned I need to wear a t-shirt when using a pack.
  • mountainrun73
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    Just curious what pack did you get? I've never worn mine with a tank, always have sleeves on whether short or long
  • BeeerRunner
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    @mountainrun73 Mine is the Camelbak Circuit Hydration vest. The material underneath the straps is kind of what you'd normally find underneath back pack straps, which is fine for shirts with sleeves. It rubs wrong with tank tops, and since I'm in Texas, I need to be able to wear it with tank tops.

    I think if I can get dri fit shirt material attached to the straps, I'll be good to go.
  • Robbnva
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    If it's not too late to return it, get an orange mud. I've run with that top less last summer and no chafing.
  • sheepiegail
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    if body glide doesn't work try chaff-x not sure on the spelling. you have to order directly from the company. All my ultra friends use this
  • mountainrun73
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    FYI I just got one of the new Osprey hyrdration packs (the Dyna) and wore it with a tank and it was super comfortable. The men's version is called the Duro
  • KristyIB
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    I put KT tape on my lower back and put deodorant all over my back. Seems to work for me.
  • sarahc001
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    Another vote for taping your skin. I like the KT tape as well, but make sure you get the pro tape, because it will stick longer...something particularly important if you are running in heat and will sweat. I hear rock tape is essentially the same and cheaper, but I haven't used it myself. BTW the KT tape is also good if your sports bra chafes running long distances. Like an idiot I forgot this fact on my 12h run Saturday, and I'm still feeling the effects of my mistake. : (
  • 7lenny7
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    Isn't KT tape relatively expensive? Leukotape is $8 for 15 yards. How does that compare to KT tape?