Looking for VSG friends around my date.. SD 10/05/17

AprilTram Posts: 50 Member
I had a VSG on 10/05/17.. I'm looking for friends on MFP, with in a month or two of my SD, to compare with and support. Its good for me to have ideas on how to fit my protein and fluids all in, in a 24 hr day. I thought reaching out and making friend would be a good start on here.. :) Thanks


  • thechadtx
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    I had GB surgery on 8/25/17. I know what you mean about not being able to get protein in. I've had trouble eating just about anything except shakes, fruit and soups. I'm suppose to get over 100g of protein a day, but that's only happened a few times since surgery. On my most recent visit with the NUT, she told me to get some pure whey protein powder and hide it in other things I can tolerate. i.e. mashed potatoes, sugar-free pudding, soups, etc.. I haven't tried it yet because I wanted to see how using the shakes would work...and so far, so good. It's only been a few days though.

    I wish you the best on your journey. :)
  • jamielslater
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    My surgery was 10/5/16 so we are a year apart exactly. I would be happu to be friends.
  • buxombrunette
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    Hi there, I am 3 weeks post op so happy to keep in touch
  • gettingdownto150
    gettingdownto150 Posts: 47 Member
    I would love to be friends! I'm still in the pre-op stage, but eager for any and all in put, and super enthused about this journey. My surgery will be 11/8/17.
  • CampKelly
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    Hi! I had my sleeve 9/7/17... I'm just now getting my energy back and started going back to the gym today. Up until now I've just been walking 30 minutes several times a week. The zap of energy has been the hardest part for me. I drink the pre-made premiere protein drinks and that helps get the protein in daily. But getting the water in as well is challenging. I'm loving my decision to have the sleeve and would love to be friends so we could compare diaries, get ideas and motivate each other.
  • lporter0813
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    My date was 10/17/17. I'm always happy to have friends to share food ideas with and my new journey.
  • Mandy_1982
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    Feel free to add me. I was sleeved in May.
  • barefootot
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    I had gastric sleeve 8/15/17. I can usually get my water in, but struggle to get my protein in. I mostly eat vegetarian. Most meat sits like a rock in my stomach. I can drink protein shakes, but not whey based shakes. I just began the couch 2 5K app to begin running a little over a week ago. Feel free to add me.
  • Divineglory73
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    I had gastric sleeve surgery 9/21/17 and down 50lbs. I have to take in 75g of protein. I use a 30g each protein powder when I run out of premier shakes, i take two shakes with kiwi fruit and sometimes half a banana blended and I eat a 15g Greek yogurt to complete my goal of 75g. Later in the evening I may eat a small veggie wrap. Throughout the day I sip, drink water and Gatorade. I do change my last meal sometimess.
  • Ecowles675
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    My surgery was 10/20. I'm looking to add more friends too, especially others that have had VSG.
  • kingcl2
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    I had VSG on 12/04/17. I'm down 66 lbs since then and around 160 total. I started at 632 lbs and had to lose 80 to 90 lbs before surgery. I'm increasing my activity and doing my best to meet the nutrition guidelines provided to me by the doctor and the nutritionist. Some days it is hard to meet the minimum calorie goal.
  • loveshoe
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    Kingc12, those first three months after surgery it's hard to meet the nutritional guidelines. I focused on protein and hydration.

    If any of you want to friend me send a request. As a friend you can see my food diary and see what I was eating post WLS. My surgery was February of 2015.

    Keep doing what you're doing, you are doing great!
  • jennk221
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    I had my surgery 5/9/17...it’s super helpful having people who know what you’re going through. Feel free to add me!