Depression and weightliss

Did anyone notice a change in mood when they lost weight? I still haven't reached that feeling. I've been depressed for the past month and eating clean nd everything but no change. Btw, bisexual here. Wouldn't mind some friends who are talkative.


  • timtam163
    timtam163 Posts: 509 Member
    I think depression is separate from weight loss. Sometimes there's an initial feeling of euphoria when the progress starts coming, and sometimes exercise helps boost mood, but sometimes calorie deprivation depresses mood. If you're worried about mood please seek treatment; weight loss alone won't necessarily have the effect you're looking for. <3
  • merzback
    merzback Posts: 453 Member
    Personally, I think that eating too much and depression tend to correlate. I have lost weight before and been close to my goal and have still felt depressed. It is a myth that once you lose weight, everything will come together in your life.