Is anybody out there?

Seems like it has been some time since there was any activity in this group but that two new folks joined since the last thread was posted. Are people still out there using the Beck strategies? What's going well for you? What is challenging?


  • robingmurphy
    robingmurphy Posts: 349 Member
    I haven't posted here, but I am still using Beck strategies. Once in a while I re-read the book. I find it contains a lot of good advice. I still have a list of "Advantages" I read and add to almost every day. It's helps me stay motivated.
  • ggbun
    ggbun Posts: 90 Member
    I disappeared for a while, but am back with Beck. I am also adding new advantages which I didn't do before, I think having specific advantages makes the list more vital than just generalized ones.
  • Nch305
    Nch305 Posts: 14 Member
    I am also back after a disappearance that went on much longer than it should have. Looking on the bright side, I am more aware than ever of how much better I feel when I follow the Beck strategies.
  • TrimRocker
    TrimRocker Posts: 9 Member
    I'm still working through The Diet Trap Solution. I still incorporate the card-style approach (reminders, advantages, traps, etc.) in BDS (and CBT in general, I guess) to all of the important pursuits I've undertaken: getting more sleep, doing well in school, improving my time management, etc.
  • slgraha
    slgraha Posts: 27 Member
    I just joined this group after purchaseing the book and workbook.
  • Tenajberry
    Tenajberry Posts: 16 Member
    I'm trying to use the Beck Diet Solution in conjunction with Wish me luck, I start 100% tomorrow! :smiley:
  • I read the advantages almost every day, have a buddy, give credit every day, and read all my cue cards on Satruday and if I am sitting in a waiting room. I also made sticky notes from the Beck diet solution FB posts that I like and look at them on my computer.
  • donnafreer
    donnafreer Posts: 5 Member
    I just joined the group after buying the book and am looking forward to doing the program. I'm a low-carb vegan so it'll be interesting.
  • poetical333
    poetical333 Posts: 20 Member
    Hi everyone, I’ve just joined this group and am planning to work through the book.
  • robingmurphy
    robingmurphy Posts: 349 Member
    Hi! I still reread and refer back to the book. The techniques are really useful. Also their book "The Diet Trap Solution" - highly recommended.