Dieting for a New Decade

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Not a calendar decade in this case, but a new decade of life.

I read a quote a while back about making changes, it was helpful to find the 'minimum effective dose'. As a lifelong over-analyser and recovering perfectionist this was an entirely new approach. It was also very appealing. These days I read about the diets and calorie counting others are doing, and I know there was a time when I would have jumped in whole heartedly - making big sweeping changes. Planning, restricting, weighing and measuring, losing a few pounds, only to crash and burn, gain it all back, and repeat the cycle, with a constant feeling of guilt, deprivation and failure.

I don't want any of that. I want to make changes - yes. I want to lose some of this weight I gained over this last stressful year, not to mention those others that crept up in my mid-50s. Its no longer about bikinis - but about living better. I want to be stronger and fitter going into my 60s and beyond.

So here I am, determined to make small, incremental changes that I can sustain consistently. If anyone feels the same and would like to join me, please do!


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    sun_cat Posts: 114 Member
    There are so many things I'd like to change, but instead I've decided to focus on three habits a month. These aren't specifc, measurable, etc - I'll fine tune later so I can track progress. But this month's focus
    1. Reduce caloric drinks
    2. Eat only at meals
    3. Do something active every day