What was your best and worst moment on LCHF?

tmoneyag99 Posts: 461 Member
Today was my day for both.

I walk to the deli across the street to get a Cesar Salad excited that I can eat one now without guilt. (Sans croutons)

I get the salad, and the dressing is horrible bland garbage. :(


  • carlsoda
    carlsoda Posts: 3,315 Member
    Sugar withdrawal is the worst for me....you'd think I'd learn :o
  • Flybeetle
    Flybeetle Posts: 387 Member
    edited January 2018
    What a great question :)
    Yes, same for me: eating a bunch of sugar and feeling like I've downed a bottle of tequilla, gross.
    My best moments are when I've gone over my calorie goals through indulging in yummy though low carb foods and the scales show a loss the next day! Most of the time I can trust my hunger signals when I eat below 50g of carbs and I love that.
  • Cadori
    Cadori Posts: 4,810 Member
    Worst - first time I had wine post keto
    Best - never get hangry
  • mmultanen
    mmultanen Posts: 1,029 Member
    Worst: I fixed my travle mug of coffee with some new, expensive, minimally processed protein powder and got in the car headed to work. I took a big swig of my protein packed coffee and gagged. Chunky coffee is truly disgusting.

    Best: no single thing stands out however i am pleased that my near chronic heart burn is gone, and my wrists no longer ache.

  • MimiOfTheLusciousLawn
    MimiOfTheLusciousLawn Posts: 2,234 Member
    Best: first weigh in (down 11# in 2 weeks)
    Worst: first time drinking liquor with the intention of getting drunk, 2.5 years keto. Don't try this at home, kids. Wasn't a pretty sight.