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    Lol, yep I was up 9 lbs in the past 4 weeks thanks to a diet plan of candy canes (clearance sales) and toast. Smartened up and back to keto yesterday and I've dropped 3 lbs. It'll get there as long as I don't touch the rest of the cheap candy canes

    Love your diet plan!
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    Lol, unfortunately for me... going off my LC plan does not help with sanity. Rather tends toward insanity. :s It is pretty hard to walk past the 10 cent box of strawberry candy canes that had been on at $2.99 a couple weeks previously. So I would buy 1 only (being good) then the next time I was at the store they hadn't sold out yet, WTH! So I bought more. Seems like 'ad infinitum.'
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    @canadjineh I had the same problem with Quest bars. I couldn't NOT stop by during lunch time and buy a few Quest bars. The only way to stop me was to bring my lunch to work and leave my wallet at home lol can't buy anything without any money.
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    This was back in my WW days, but I went into the pharmacy (before drive thru days) to pick up my meds and while I was there I picked up a HUGE package of Risen (one of my favorite things in the world) I COULD NOT ignore them and they were on sale and I thought, ok 1 or 2 won't hurt and I'll put them in my desk and have one when I want a little pick me up blah blah blah.

    After unwrapping and eating 12 of them in the car almost before I had pulled out of the parking lot I literally rolled down my window, and threw them out of the car. I'm sure the people on the road behind me were horrified. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
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    Me too, my weakness are specialty chocolate, there are always new flavor combination that I see and want to buy, I try to talk myself out of it at least once. If i still felt strongly, I would buy it and log into my daily half piece or one piece a day so it's under 50 Cal. Now, I don't eat them everyday. This has worked so far, only problem is I have a draw full of different type of chocolate, since one box can last me for couple month.
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    I'm up 17 pounds due to prolonged cheating:). I wish it was all the water back on but I know it's not. Probably about 5-7 pounds of water will drop. I just want to remember that it's the idea that I will be forever deprived of favorites like grilled cheese and pizza and asian noodle dishes once I start dieting that put me to this spiral of crazy eating (which also really hurts my tummy). Anyways... this forum has helped me stay true before so will make an effort to be here more. Knowing that keto will work, that I just need to get in the groove of it, helps.
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    How do you guys bounce back after cheating? I had a pretty loose long weekend. Nothing crazy but I need to get back into it stat.
    Do you fast? Drink tons of keto aide? Protein only? Whats your go to?
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    How do you guys bounce back after cheating? I had a pretty loose long weekend. Nothing crazy but I need to get back into it stat.
    Do you fast? Drink tons of keto aide? Protein only? Whats your go to?

    Basically just hop back on the wagon and go. You should always be drinking your ketoade anyway, right? :wink:
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    I have done both. I've "stepped down" my carbs spending a couple days making sure I'm below 75g, then a couple days below 50g, then a couple days below 40g etc until I get to where I want to be.

    I have also just jumped head first back in. The method I have chosen in the past has been largely based on where my head is at the time. And like others have said, I consciously up my sodium intake by quite a bit in the first few days.

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    I cheated on my Keto on Saturday night with a 1/2 a box of chocolates my MIL sent us for Christmas and paid for it big time the last 2 days. Super bloated and an upset stomach and 1 pound weight gain. This morning the bloating and tummy issues are gone as well as that extra pound and I'm back on track.