I want to work out but..

tmoneyag99 Posts: 461 Member
I'm so dang tired. I feel fine otherwise but when I try to move at anything more than a leisurely pace I am gassed in 5 minutes or less.

Anyone have any advice?


  • kpk54
    kpk54 Posts: 4,473 Member
    Up your sodium if you have no medical reasons not to.

    I don't regularly enhance my foods with salt and every time I start feeling lethargic/sluggish, I'll put a half teaspoon or so of salt in my system or drink some pickle juice or have a cup of salty broth (with extra salt added) and it fixes me up every time.
  • Cadori
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    kpk54 wrote: »
    Up your sodium if you have no medical reasons not to.

    This! A glass of salt water helps me fall asleep at night, but a glass of salt water also wakes me up in the morning. It's amazing.
  • solska
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    Wintery months always hit my energy hard. Sleep more if you can. And vitamins do make a difference to me.
  • LolaDeeDaisy23
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    Maybe try alternating the times you work out? If I wait to train until I get out of work, I'm drained. I need to do it the mornings before work...makes all the difference to me.