recommended MCT oil?

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I know that you want to make sure that there are no heavy metals in your MCT oil. Is there a recommended brand(s)? I'm looking to get it from Amazon today. Thx!


  • Sunny_Bunny_
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    I don’t know how you would verify that.
    There is a discussion detailing some different brands in the FAQ or maybe it’s in Open Threads in the launchpad though.
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    MCT Oil for what purpose?

    I supplemented with MCT Oil during the ~5 months of a 52 week medically therapeutic keto trial for my neurological movement disorder. For my purposes, it had no observable benefit of reducing or eliminating involuntary muscle contractions that result an unusual body posture of the head, neck and shoulder area (Cervical Dystonia aka Spasmodic Torticollis).

    As a side, I didn't notice improvement in cognitive function or improved energy but I really wasn't evaluating those. Also as a side, I was eating the same number of maintenance calories I had eaten the previous 2 years and had no change in body weight or observably body fatness based on the number on the body scale and the way my clothing fit. Many seem to have these benefits and certainly MCT is being explored in medical trials so YMMV. I know there is an MCT Oil Diet specifically prescribed for persons with epilepsy. Here is one link from The Epilepsy Foundation.

    I've not heard of heavy metals in MCT Oils which is not to say it does not exist or should not be of interest/concern. Where have you read this?
  • grammargeek
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    I read it in some article that you need to use a good quality MTC and make sure that there are no heavy metals from the processing.

    Thanks for the feedback.
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    I currently have been using XCT oil by bulletproof. Very reasonably priced for the amount. I currently use one serving a day to jumpstart my morning in coffee, but i have been known to just take a tablespoon straight before heading to the gym. I use coconut oil for cooking and food prep, but the MCT oil is a great way to get that extrafat in if you are having trouble getting the macros right and provides a nice boost of energy very quickly. XCT is made with only C8 & C10 MCTs, which metabolize more efficiently into ketone energy than more common oils with C12 (Lauric Acid) MCTs. Here is a link to the amazon page. I have found it cheaper at Better Health stores (I live in Michigan).
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    I use Nutiva brand. It’s a certified organic MCT oil and I trust the brand. Unlike other brands, they don’t use high temperatures or chemicals to make the oil... it’s expeller pressed. And as far as I know, it’s the only certified organic, non GMO, MCT oil on the market. 8sr54fh5kyl0.png
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    isn't coconut oil generally MCT
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    coconut oil contains MCT's, but is only like 65% MCT. MCT oil is 100% MCT. Basically getting a concentrated dose and dont have to break down the coconut oil to get it.
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    I own Nutiva too. I tend to use it for some cooking and put a small dab in my coffee in the morning.
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    I used Now, it was a lot cheaper and had good reviews. I'm not too fond of the taste and would rather use butter etc. I can't remember any super benefits... just getting low carb/keto, eating better improves sleep movement etc...
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    KetoMCT is pure C8 caprylic acid.

    I heard the founder talking about MCT oil on a low-carb podcast and was impressed with his knowledge and candor. The website has a fair amount of info about MCTs.

    Here's a recent article summarizing research on MCTs: