Two things regarding Keto

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1. I keep hearing about putting coconut oil in coffee...Never heard of this before, but I'm willing to try it. Is there a reason why this is beneficial?

2. Today is day 5 of me on a low carb/Keto diet. I have slight brain fogginess and the first 2-3 days I had to pee a lot. But I did not experience the full "keto flu" that everyone keeps talking about. This makes me feel like maybe i'm not doing it right?

For you more experienced Low Carb / High Fat Dieters. Would you mind taking a peek at my food diary? For today, I already listed all my meals that I ate/plan to eat.

My goal is to lose weight! I know I don't need ketosis to lose weight, and that it's all about CICO. But I would like to aim for Ketosis since it speeds up the process :/


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    its beneficial because it is a great way to get good fats into your diet without going and eating a slab of bacon or making fat bombs
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    Brain fogginess is a sign of an electrolyte imbalance which is what people call the keto flu. Usually some sodium fixes that right up.
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    1. Not particularly - this is usually done by folks who are not eating breakfast and are using coffee as a meal substitute. In your case, you are eating breakfast, so there's no reason to artificially inflate your calorie intake with additional fat.
    2. NOT having keto flu is definitely doing it right.

    You food looks fine to me, if it's sustainable and you are losing, then it's working and that's awesome!
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    Thank you!!
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    My thought on keto coffee and why people drink it is 1) it's new and exciting 2) it may suppress hunger (but so would ham and eggs) 2) they don't like to eat breakfast 3) they're in a hurry to get out the door in the AM and they can take it with them.

    It is not a requirement for a ketogenic diet. It may be helpful in a medically therapeutic ketogenic diet where extremely high fat is a requirement.
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    The added fat to coffee can also be a hinderance to a weight loss goal. Calories still count. You may not have to count them but if you’re drinking energy dense coffee it gets up there real quick and may displace more nutrient dense foods.
    That said, I did it myself until I did think it was holding me back. It was pretty good. It may something I reintroduce at some point when I am no longer interested in losing body fat.
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    Any diary that consists of whole foods looks AOK to me. :) Your macro allocation looks fine also. I have no idea if your calorie amount is reasonable but if you obtained the information from MFP via proper entry of your stats, it is most likely AOK unless you have some underlying medical issues that get in the way of weight loss (PCOS, IR, etc). MFP numbers were quite accurate for me. It was up to me to properly weigh/measure food when needed, choose correct entries, not believe some of the crazy high calorie burns that MFP data base provides (I do not have a fit bit or other tracker) and be honest with my endeavors. Tweak later if needed.