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  • allykiern
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    Hi all! My name's Alice and I live near Venice, Italy. I have been vegetarian for a number of years now, I love animals and have a huge furry family. All my furry babies are rescues: Dorian Gray the cat, Luna and Tara the dogs, Mr Jingles the mouse, John Snow and Khaleesi the rabbits. I have suffered from eating disorders for the past 25 years. I had gotten in a decent shape recently, but an injury while training ( I do HEMA) forced me to stop all physical activity for almost a year, and all my weight came right back on. I have subscribed to MFP because I want to get rid of the extra weight once and for all, and to stick to a healthy lifestyle. And it's awesome to see that there are many other vegetarians here!
  • liljon8818
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    Hi I am Liljon, I am a vegetarian (not vegan) from WV.
    I also the World's fattest non-meat eater weighing in around 350lb,

    I don't like meat and do not find it a struggle to not eat it, but I do love cheese and eggs, and have not found a great substitute for them.

    I am looking for some vegetarian friends, I have great non-vegetarian friends on MFP, but would like some that I can share recipes, stories and support with.
  • KBMillz
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    Hi, my name is Kelsey. I'm 32 and live in South Florida. I first dabbled in vegetarianism when I was 6 years old and saw a cow slaughtered. From then, I was off and on vegetarian until Thanksgiving 2009 when I took the plunge to go full time. I love animals and cannot in good conscious eat them knowing how cruel the meat industry is. I try to stick to cruelty free dairy products and eggs because I know how bad those industries are as well. I am trying to adhere to a more ovo-vegetarian diet, but am having a hard time cutting out all the dairy! I also have a crazy sweet tooth and sometimes wish that all those delicious bakery items and candies weren't veg so they wouldnt be so tempting!

    I would love to connect with more like minded individuals. I've found that the weight loss community is pretty ignorant on dietary advice for vegans/vegetarians and hope that we can all share some of the successes and failures with one another.
  • MommaGem2017
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    Hi all! I'm new to MFP, so I'm taking a tour of the communities. I'm 42, Mom of two, working full-time, and a Buddhist. I have been a vegetarian on and off throughout my life, but after recent Buddhist practice, it has now stuck. Except... I was gaining weight! What?? Joining MFP is part of a journey to not only lose weight, but to have a more mindful, balanced approach to what I eat. It's not all about grilled cheese and french fries!
  • orangeyellowkayak
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    Hi my name is Kathy. I'm 62 and only have been meatless for a few months. I have always thought about going meatless but never did until I had to get false teeth and since it was too hard to eat I thought it was a good time to start. I find it interesting that I do not miss it. I lost a lot of weight on MFP a few years ago but gained most of it back. But back to loosing it again very slowly but happy with that. I do eat dairy and eggs. I know to speed up my weight loss I need to exercise more. I have been over busy lately but it will be slowed the next few weeks so I hope to get back in the habit. I have to admit I went meatless not so much for my health but because I always felt guilty eating animals. I do feel better now in both mind and body.
  • lorica045
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    Hi, I'm Lori. I'm 51, married with two grown kids, and live in Northern Wisconsin. I've been a vegetarian for about a year and a half, mostly for ethical and environmental reasons, but also for health and hopefully weight loss. I've been overweight for a long time, but unfortunately, I gained even more (20 pounds) almost immediately upon becoming vegetarian. :) I do not consume animal products except eggs, honey, and Greek yogurt and certain cheeses (I'm somewhat lactose intolerant). My main problem is that I'm a truck driver and eat out a lot of the time, and truck stops are rather lacking in vegetarian options. So while I can keep my calories under control, I'm having lots of trouble maintaining my macros, especially my protein levels. I'm hoping to get some ideas for non refrigerated foods I can keep on the truck for healthy vegetarian meals and snacks, as well as get some much needed moral support and make some new friends.
  • Kwoconnor
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    Hi all,

    Been a vegetarian for 12 years. Been working out (properly) since my baby was born in Feb and she's been my focus to lead a healthier life and get the body I've wanted since I was a teenager.

    MFP has been a great help with my goals as I track and weigh most of my food stuffs and the tracking has allowed me to get the feedback I need as to whether my results are working or not.
  • Amazon_Who
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    Hi from Louisiana. I have been reducing my meat intake and joined for recipes and inspiration. --Dennise
  • SueMunday2015
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    Hi, I'm Sue from Shropshire, England. I am maybe 90% vegetarian at the moment, just using the occasional minced beef or bacon for flavouring. I am interested in finding tasty alternatives, though. I have reached [and exceeded] my weight goal and am looking to stabilise it with nutritious meals and maybe do some vegetarian baking.
  • DawnCumm
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    Hi everyone, my name is Dawn. I have been a vegetarian for over 30 years. My children and grandchildren have all been raised this way and have a strong love of animals. I am very overweight and really have to get back to basics. Looking to evolve to a more clean/green eating and as much vegan as possible. Move away from all things processed. I don't find veganism all that difficult but I still seem to slip back into old habits. Hoping to make this year a focus on health. My obstacle, my husband absolutely loves to cook. He loves gourmet food and every day will make amazing food that certainly is not healthy oriented. He is trying to help but OMG his stuff is hard to resist. So for this hurdle, I need to focus on quantity (taste, not gobble). As an example, he made a creamy roasted corn sauce over zucchini, mushrooms, Quorn, fettuccini last night. Tried to stay away from the pasta and ate a smaller portion than my norm, especially since pasta was such a main component. It is going to be tough but I really need to get my weight under control.
  • crvynatrlbeauty
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    Good morning everyone! My name is Vida. I'm 32 years old, single mother to my 12yo son, live in Virginia, and I'm looking to start a vegetarian diet in the near future. I've joined this group to get some ideas on how to transition and get recipe/meal options.

  • debi_f
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    Hi all! My name is Debi. I'm 54 and live in the Netherlands (but was born and raised in Detroit!) with my husband, two daughters (17 and 13), a cat, two bunnies and a very naughty dog.

    In Feb, 2012, I decided I didn't like being 200 pounds, so I went low carb and lost 70-something pounds. Since then, I've gained back a little bit, but I'm at a good weight and have stayed pretty stable for the past 5 years (currently hovering around 133, which suits me...).

    Along with the low carb, I started working out, which is where I found and fell in love with Pilates. After going to classes for a few years, my instructor talked me into getting certified myself. I now teach 4 Pilates classes a week. My new "love" is yoga, and I'm working toward certification as a yoga instructor, too. I also teach yoga and a legs/stomach/butt fitness class.

    In the meantime, my husband, oldest daughter and I decided to go vegetarian. My youngest thinks we're crazy and won't go near a vegetable. As a result, I've been trying to balance all the various "diets" (husband still eats fish, but hates quinoa; oldest daughter hates beans and loves quinoa; youngest daughter wants pasta and meat for every meal; I'm still watching my carbs and avoid pasta and breads...). As you can imagine, every dinner and most lunches turn into a total nightmare!

    I'm looking for some ideas that will make a least a couple people on the list happy... ;-)

    Nice to meet all of you!
  • alybran
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    Sorry everyone, I haven't been very active on MFP at all recently! I keep trying to get back into it but I only last a couple of days and then fall off again. I'll try to keep up and contribute to keep the group active! :smile: Welcome!
  • SarahsAtItAgain
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    Hi, I'm Sarah, Southern AZ. My husband and I are gravitating back to a vegetarian lifestyle. I did Vegetarian for almost a year and a half a few years back and it was the greatest I felt in my life. I remember not ever feeling sluggish after eating (with the exception of imbibing a pint of ice cream) l, slept better, felt more energetic through my day, my weight was on a downward trend and my skin looked radiant. Then, life happened. I had a baby girl, my mother passed away, my husband's alcoholism managed him a DUI and I couldn't keep it all together.
    Fast forward to baby girl is now a toddler, my husband went to rehab and has been sober for a little over a year, I've sought help to grieve over my mother and in so doing found I had a dificiency is creating my own L-methyfolate (with aides in seratonin production). Hubby and I are ready to get back into a vegetarian lifestyle.
    For the past month Ive been slowly eliminating the freezer meat and meat based pantry items (canned beef chili, vienna sausages, spam - i know horrible food choices) and have been uping my meal planning game, buddha bowls, home made foods and packing lunches. I think I'm getting my foundation back. We do still eat fish and shrimp about once a week and when visiting family will eat meat as we don't expect to be catered to.
    I still feel the need for support in this change. Sometimes I get frustrated because my daughter doesn't want to eat healthy, she's a toddler, and I get it. But her meals tend to be mac and cheese, hot dogs, chicken nuggets and quesadillas! Anything with cheese is her happy place. We have had success with vegan cheese sandwiches, vegan mac and cheese and vegan corn dogs. But I still hate that its all processed. And I tend to dislike a lot of the vegetarian/vegan processed food in the store. Perhaps my mind thinks about how much the vegan chicken doesn't resemble chicken at all. I'd prefer just not eat something posing as something it's not.
    Anyway, here I am. Thanks for having this blog on MFP.
  • downongreenacres
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    Hello my name is Cheryl & I have been away from MFP for awhile. I want to get back to a healthy way of eating & lose at least 30 lbs. I am hoping this group will be a good fit for me.