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We meet here to explore, share, celebrate, and (sometimes) agonize over how we do (or don't) incorporate weight loss guidelines into our daily lives. "It's a lifestyle, not a diet" is easily and often said, but sometimes not so simply put into practice.

This is a thread for everyone. If you're new to GoaD, or to weight loss, your questions and comments are always welcome. If you're maintaining, or a long-term loser, your thoughts on the topic may be just what someone else needs to hear. If you're reading this, join in the discussion!

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Today's Topic: Let’s Talk Restaurants

Do you eat out much? Avoid it? Not an issue because you never much cared for eating out?
How do you do with it? What are your strategies? Problems?


  • Al_Howard
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    I love eating out. However, I really need to plan better (or follow my plan better).
  • beachwoman2006
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    Since retiring, I eat out maybe once a week on average. Come to think about it, I think I've only eaten out once since the first of the year. There are a very limited number of restaurants on the island that stay open between Thanksgiving and the middle of March (other than McDonald's LOL)
  • podkey
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    edited February 2018
    I often split entrees/dinners w DW. Dressing always on the side for salad greens. Choose fewer fried options. I don't eat out often.
  • misterhub
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    I do enjoy eating out, especially with friends or family. But, I have to look at the portion sizes. I find I cannot eat the normal portion size of most restaurants, and I usually get 2-4 meals out of one, depending on the venue.
  • gadgetgirlIL
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    I'm not a fan of eating out due to my food intolerances. I think thus far in 2018 I've eaten out twice, both times during a trip to southern Illinois. Dinner was at a Mexican place (fajitas are normally a safe choice) which was delicious and the portions were so generous that I had enough for a second meal. Breakfast was at a local diner. Omelet and the best hash browns I've had in a long time. After riding 132 miles that weekend, I could easily afford the caloric hit of those hash browns!
  • 88olds
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    I eat out quite a bit. I’m a breakfast for lunch guy. Ham and eggs. I usually swap the potatoes for tomatoes, rye toast, a bit of butter.

    Here in Key West there’s lots of grilled fish. Put it on a salad. Sometime I go for the veggies and rice sides.

    I don’t know if eating out seems easier because of my habits or if the restaurants have come around to better options.
  • Jimb376mfp
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    DW was never into eating at restaurants. So now I go out with two groups of my friends, one from dog park other from my aqua aerobics class. It’s usually breakfast or lunch.
    I enjoy it and have learned I can plan ahead or bring half home to eat later.
  • Jerdtrmndone
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    I do eat out at times but not nearly what I use too. I eat smaller sandwiches and smaller portions which I am satisfied with. I try to order the best choices I can. Of course like others here at MFP had a Boston Mkt. sandwich which I thought was a good choice ended up to be not so good a choice.
  • Out_of_Bubblegum
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    I go through phases... sometimes I eat out often, then burn out on it and won't eat out for months at a time.

    Right now I'm on a burnout phase.. I have eaten out only once in the last 2 months (other than my recent business trip out of town) - have 2 meals planned in the next few weeks, but doubt there will be any spontaneous meals out any time soon.
  • Rachel0778
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    I usually eat out about once a week. I like my own cooking better most of the time, ethnic restaurants being the exception. I can never compete with Vietnamese Pho, Indian Curries, or Thai Spring Rolls. I don't think I overdo it too much. I just track it and move on.
  • countcurt
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    Since becoming empty nesters a couple of years ago, we've actually decreased our dining out. With our kids, dinner at home was more akin to eating out because of the number of 'special orders'. So we'd eat out. My wife and I have fairly similar food preferences most of the time, so cooking is pretty easy. We probably eat lunch out more than dinner and that's where we get to eat the things the other doesn't like- she eats Indian food with friends and I eat barbecue with workmates. T
  • minimyzeme
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    Do you eat out much? Avoid it? Not an issue because you never much cared for eating out?
    How do you do with it? What are your strategies? Problems?

    I don't eat out nearly as much now as I used to. In fact, I was just telling someone the other day that I never thought I'd prefer eating at home, but it's true. That's new since I started WW in 2014. Before that, I'd often plan my day around eating out--all meals, any time. I loved it. I still do, just not with the same passion and drive that I did.

    As a former member of the "Clean Plate Club", it was pretty much sacrilege to waste food and while I have no issues with leftovers, they often just don't taste as good to me as the original serving. Net result is that I ate what was served, regardless of serving size. Obviously, between my choices and this behavior, it didn't serve me well in the long run.

    These days when I eat out, I often use Frank's advice (from WW GOAD board): get a take-out box and put half the serving in it as soon as it gets to the table. That way, I don't necessarily have to have the most plan-friendly thing. I can just eat less--what a concept! I also practice Frank's form of exercise: pushbacks. When I'm done, I'm done. I don't keep ordering more food. I don't pick at the food I'm taking home. And when I get home, I don't open the box and keep eating.

    Now having said that, I do often look for ways to whittle my restaurant food choice into a healthier choice. Do I really need the toast or potato for breakfast? Probably not. How about that burger roll--is it worth it? Most times no, though I've been known to eat half of it as a compromise. French fries? If they're good, maybe I'll have a few or half but rarely the full serving. Condiments? Maybe a bit, but not gobs or slathered like I used to.

    I knew I'd changed when I vacationed in SC a few years ago and had probably 2/3 of my meals from what I prepped in the motel or bought at the store. My once heady lust for eating out was offset by my success losing weight and feeling better. It just dropped in my priority list. I did often go out for dinner and I savored the local foods and dining experience but I must say I was actually surprised. I guess an old dog can learn new tricks...