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Doing low-carb for quite some time. Lost quite a bit in the past and recently lost over 20 lbs since mid January and for some reason I’m slowly putting on a few pounds and it’s completely changing my mindset and I can’t get motivated again because the scale is just not moving and 1 pound has now gone up to 4 pounds. Please help with any suggestions to get back into eating right and motivation.. My eating has been changed really. And that’s what’s really frustrating. It’s just slowly coming back.


  • xosummerrainxo
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    Thank you. I needed that. I just can’t seem to lose anymore. I’m at a standstill and the scale is going the wrong way. Need to start tracking again and not monitor more of my low carb treats that could be messing with my progress
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    Definitely going back to tracking will help! I think you will be surprised with how much of a different it will make going back to it. Good luck! :)
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    I lost 35 lbs from July 3 to Dec. Last two weeks of Dec I consciously decided to enjoy Christmas. I had some sweets but Margaritas and Caresars and red wine at all the functions really added up. By Dec 30 I had gained 13 lbs. The real epiphany for me though was how awful I felt and how sore my joints and old injuries were. Right back to Keto and within 2 weeks felt great again. I swore then that this is how I wld eat for the rest of my life. The carbs just aren’t worth the pain.

    I did lose 9 of those 13 lbs but the scale has been going up 3 down 1, etc since mid-Feb which is a little frustrating but I plan on sticking with it. Really refocused this week and got rid of the healthy nuts and made a veg soup w homemade chicken broth to munch on in the late afternoon when I often get hungry. Lost 1 lb so far this week but as I said I’m in it for the long haul .... for health and hopefully some more weight loss.

    Good luck

    We are in the same boat. From Aug to Dec 1st I lost 35 lbs. From Dec to Feb 27 I gained 13 lbs...I ate anything and everything. I think I am back on track, wish me luck!
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    I'm in a similar situation, I go on holiday a lot and as I'm at maintenance I eat what I want, gain a few pounds then it used to drop straight back off once back on plan but since Sept my weight has gone up a couple of pounds every time I've stopped keto, for my holidays but after reviewing how I'm eating I seem to be having more "baking" type dishes, nuts, almond flour etc so at the moment I'm going back to basics meat & veg to see if the pounds will start moving again but it is hard to give up the fathead pizza and 90 second bread.
    Fingers crossed the scale starts moving again as I'm away again in April!! I wish I could stay on keto but I like my cocktails too much and hate keto hangovers!

  • xosummerrainxo
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    What kind of things are getting and keeping you back in track again?
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    Cutting out sweetened things, so no more baking with coconut, almond flour and sweetners, no more snacking on nuts because they're easy to overeat but trying to have lots of meat, chicken and fish, coupled with veg such as celeriac chips, sprouts and cauliflower are my go to's. It's difficult as I'm only 5'1 so can't eat all the fat laden stuff I see on FB groups.
    I'm doing IF 16:8 as much as I can too, I find keeping busy helps, I don't " boredom" eat as I'm never bored as such but call it "unoccupied eating" sitting around on Sundays it's hard to IF but if I'm at work it's easy as I'm busy and as long as I drink water I don't get hungry, I make sure I keep my electrolytes up.
    But I think the only thing we can do is take one day at a time and hope the weight starts dropping again at some point, another positive is we're not doing SW or WW where we would be starving all day, least we get to eat nice food and not feel totally deprived lol :)
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    I snacked on nuts the other day and, apparently way overdid it!! The scale was not kind. I'm swearing off nuts for awhile. Ruled me had a recipe for Mocha Cheesecake Bars that sound divine but, I know I would probably eat all of them if I made them so staying clear for now.
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    I just had to add to my post above in that I will continue with this woe w or w/o weight loss as it can make you feel so much better which is so very true for me. However, it pays to stick w it for whatever reason. Finally lost some weight again - 2 lbs since last Thurs (4 days). I love how I feel but really enjoy the weight loss too. :)B)
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    Photos of the old you are great reference point, so are measures! I’ve been at a standstill weight wise for about 6 months, so I pulled out my “motivation photo” and old measurements to remind myself of the difference this woe has made... I’m just about to start mixing up my exercise to see if that will get things moving... I know that carbs don’t work for me, so something else is due for a change :#
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    Hang in there! I am in the same boat! Former Chip and Chocolate addict here, on day 64 of KETO, down 12 then gained 3 just from unplanned eating during a weekend retreat this passed weekend. I cant believe how quickly it packs on! I am losing at about 1-2 lbs a week but I tend to gain first then lose every single week! There is some science around this at the molecular level and apparently cells retain water and expand before they burn off! Stick with it, it is working for you and in three months you will be soo glad you cared for your body enough to stick to it! I get soo pissed at the scale but I keep going because I know it is working and to me it is a very big way to finally show my body some love and care it really needed!
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    I track my food pretty consistently so when I notice scale creep I am pretty sure I know what I have been doing to cause it. I've stalled now for quite a few months but my exercise has tapered off some due to work and school so come May I will probably start to lose more weight and tone up once school is done for the summer. I am just happy to maintain a 41 lb weight loss with everything that has been going on around me lately.

    My best advice is to work through the weight loss stalls, heck don't even jump on the scale for a while and just concentrate on doing the things that helped you lose the first 20 lbs. Scale stress can be a vicious cycle where stress can derail your best efforts. Keep up the good work and remember this is for the long haul, that is what I tell myself to stay motivated.
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    Great advice. Glad to see everyone making progress whether it’s on scale or other ways. My scale finally moved after 2 wks gaining the few pounds that seemed like forever to loose, lol. Back to really concentrating on drinking the water and tracking and the weight came back off. Yes it’s discouraging to not always loose but as you all said we have to find other ways to notice the improvements in our bodies to this way of eating
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    Tackle your mind. Mentally refocus on the “feeling” or state of being that you’re after. How empowered you feel when you’re consistently making the right choices, for example, or how good you feel when you stick with low carb and are no longer a slave to cravings.
    I refocus on these positive states I’m after each day and when I’m debating whether to indulge in an instant treat or take a step towards my overall goal.
    Good luck :) it gets easier!