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    Hi everyone and welcome and welcome back to many! I've been losing and gaining the same pounds for months. If I'd just been losing, I'd be at my goal weight. Life is hectic and I make excuses that I'm working and studying and have a toddler... but we only have one life. I need to make sure I find the time to eat right and move and prioritise that. Being healthy needs to be up there in my biggest priorities. I gave up crisps (chips to some of you) bread and chocolate for lent and was losing 2 pounds a week. Then I got ill and broke the fast and ate them... Guess what? I put back on those pounds. So I'm planning on cutting them out again for April and seeing how I get on. I'm also going to focus on more protein and fewer carbs (tricky for this veggie) and getting to the gym at least twice a week for classes. See you all on April Fools Day!
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    Hi guys. I am Alan, 57 y.o. and live in southeast Arkansas. This is my second month on this challenge. I lost 95 pounds last year and am in maintenance. My goal is to stay in the 210-215 range. My step goal is 12,000/day. Good luck to everyone.
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    Excited to be back here again! My first time was last month but I didn’t survive beyond mid month with all my food outings so used up my passes pretty quickly.

    This month I’m really focusing on controlling my food intake when I eat out because that’s my biggest weakness. No self control there !
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    I'm thinking about joining this challenge...worried though because I start a new job Monday (April 2) morning as a BAKER...ugh! I am HOPING that I don't have to taste everything. I won't find out until Monday. I thought maybe if I take this job that I would get sick and tired of smelling and seeing sweets :smiley:
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    OK...I joined...I'm up for a challenge :smile: I'm from south central PA about a half an hour from Gettysburg. I was self-employed for years as a quilter/ seamstress, but closed the business at the end of 2017. Now I had to get 2 "real" jobs: a greeting card merchandiser, and soon, a baker (see above posting). I think I will have to take my first "pass" on April 1st though- Easter dinner!
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    I’m back to try again...made the winners circle in January but have surpassed my pass days the past two months, oops! I’ll keep trying, though! I’m hoping the warmer weather that is starting to show itself a little will tempt me into keeping more active & eating better!
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    Welcome to you all!
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    Hi, all,

    I joined this challenge, last summer, and it was one of the best things that I did for accountability to myself. I took a couple of months off, just to shake things up, and renew my focus.

    I’m an avid exerciser, and love, love, love it! Looking forward to reading your stories and sharing your journeys. The UAC has helped me lose and keep off 10kg...and for that, I am so thankful.

    Best to you all! Thank you, Rick and Craig for leading this challenge:-)
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    This will be my fourth month in this challenge. My goal when starting was to make it to what is classified as a “normal “ bmi. The challenge has bought me close and there is an outside chance I can reach it in April. In any case, it is reinforcing habits which I know I should adopt long term.
    All the best going thru April!
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    Hello. My name is Meagan and I'm a wife and mom of three. I lost all the baby weight after my first but then had my second and gained 20lbs and then my third and gained 20lbs more. I'm really glad I found this group because I need it. I used to run all the time and loved it and would love to get back into it. I love being outside and love to go camping and to the beach and hiking. I also love to cook!

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    I go by Orange. I'm fluffy like a panda, but I would like to get healthy. I'm a housewife and homeschooling mom. I feel like I never have enough time, but I really want to focus! Thanks for the future support!

    Hi! I'm also a housewife and future homeschooling mom
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    First timer to this challenge but looking forward to it. I'm hoping to lose weight and get fit for by birthday day in july. SW 177LBS, CW 169LBS, GW 140LBS. From london.

    Hoping for some like minded people so that we can keep each other going with loads of support and encouragement.
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    Welcome to all of the newcomers. This is my fifth month in the UAC challenge. My first attempt at weight loss was in 2011. I joined the MFP community last fall when I desired to lose 10 pounds I had gained back over a period of about a year and a half. With MFP UAC I am now back on track and have been in maintenance for perhaps three months. BMI is on the lean side, so I find myself making continual adjustments to stay in a healthy weight range. Tracking is the ONLY way I can accomplish that with confidence.

    A shout out to @RangerRickL and @craigo3154 for their continued leadership of this challenge. A challenge group is only as helpful as its members. I find this group to be supportive with many repeat participants. Thank you to all the newcomers for joining us!
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    Hi everyone! I tried the UAC for the first time last month. No winners circle for me, but I have renewed motivation for another go.
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    Hello UAC April 2018 members!

    Some of you have been with this challenge for months and some are brand new. This is one of the hardest challenges to stay with throughout the entire month. FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS!! Log every BLT (Bite, Lick, Taste). Stay strong and true to yourself....YOU WILL SUCCEED!!

    Please feel free to share as much information as you feel comfortable sharing about yourself with the rest of the group. I look forward to getting to know all of you a little better. GOOD LUCK!

    My name is Marie. I'm 68 years young and plan to lose 80 pounds. I'm not in great physical shape. Had a knee replacement last year and fractured my elbow last week. But I don't let things like that stop me. I'm ready to put this body and mind on a new path.
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    My name is Marie. I live in Massachusetts, I'm 68 years young and plan to lose 80 pounds. I'm not in great physical shape. Had a knee replacement last year and fractured my elbow last week. But I don't let things like that stop me. I'm ready to put this body and mind on a new path.