Is the sync down again?



  • RetiredAndLovingIt
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    So plenty of steps yesterday to cover my "overage", but without syncing, I was in the red again!
  • Halbared
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    Mine synced yesterday extremely early but then stopped, I did the fix today of revoking then reclaiming access which resolved for accumulated steps but then again has topped, which is impracticable for everyday use. Which led me here anyone any answers before I delete mfp?
  • aubreyjordan
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    According to the help article, it looks like it could take a week for full functionality to come back. They say don't disconnect and reconnect, as this only backs up the backlog further. It is extremely frustrating right now.
  • Live_life_well
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    Sync hasn't worked since yesterday for me. However, if I unlink and re-link fitbit on the MFP app then it syncs. However, it is annoying to have to do this manually every time.

    These are the steps that I take to sync manually:
    1. Go on Iphone MFP app
    2. Go to Apps & Devices
    3. Click on 'connected'
    4. Click on fitbit tracker
    5. Click Disconnect
    6. Wait then click Connect
    7. Takes you to browser version of MFP app
    8. Click on fitbit tracker and disconnect
    9. Click on fitbit tracker and reconnect
    10. Do select all to allow tracking of all
    11. Go back to MFP iphone app and you will notice that it will update

    I have had to go through 11 steps 4 times today lol
  • duebedm
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    Don’t know if this helps, but I just manually entered my “active” minutes. Still in the red today, but meh! I figured I would after our meal.
    JRSINAZ Posts: 158 Member
    mine is not syncing. I changed my password due to the data breach could that be it?
  • Motherofship
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    I’m having sync issues as well. I’ve been trying all day to do the steps, disconnect/reconnect etc, and I’ve deleted and reinstalled both apps. I’ve always been able to fix it before through those steps but now I can’t.

    AND YET if I enter enough exercise in order to correct for my overage, it overrides minutes in Fitbit and I lose steps over there. Annoying!
  • Raven_Hawk
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    Mine is not syncing either and I am relieved to learn that I am not alone. I notice there is an article in the tech help section stating that some maintenance issue is causing problems.
  • glo923
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    Yep. I'm annoyed too. But glad to know it isn't just me. My issues started the day after the data breach was announced..hmmmm.
  • sazbo2014
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    Mine hasn't synced for 2 days :(
  • KRide44
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    Mine hasn't synced in 3 days and it all seemed to happen when I changed my password after the data breach. I can manually disconnect fitbit and reconnect but that is a pain and doesn't continue to update afterwards. Super frustrating!
  • SilvaGhost
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    I will be honest, this should have been fixed by now. Yes here is a problem and they released the fact there is intermittent syncing issue, but like others mine hasn't synced once in three days. You ca

    We are being told not to disconnect and reconnect to try and get something through, I don't understand why not TBH. Every time a sync request gets sent through when you open up MFP will hit the back log anyway, refreshing the link will make no difference in overhead.

    I'm very disappointed they haven’t given us regular updates on the API fixing TBH.

    FYI... I dicinnected and reconnected, nothing doing. But the food database synced in Fitbit. So it's sycing one way instantly.
  • jnye145
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    When your priority is the commercial content of the site and not the users, the users can wait.
  • simonr888
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    And we’re back. Well done mfp team.
  • SummerSkier
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    Hasn’t synched yet today?
  • janejellyroll
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    Hasn’t synched yet today?

    MFP has said there will still be some delays or interruptions until the work is completed.
  • svel713
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    And its down again.
  • tess5036
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    Yep, it was syncing up to about 3 hours ago, and now down again
  • Kst76
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    Good, after last night complete and utterly failure i dont deserve any food today..hahaha
  • tmstanzoni
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    This is so unmotivating!