JUMP IN June 2018: Week 1 (6/1-6/7)

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New month knocking on the door, new challenge!
This month's theme came to us last year courtesy of @kfat1. I liked the idea so much, I decided to use it again this year. And also, it was already dreamed up, and I'm lazy. :bigsmile:
kfat1 wrote: »
JUMP IN June....a motivational challenge? Jump on in, feet first, full steam ahead, make a plan and jump right into it with all your determination, no excuses, just get it done! Make weekly goals,challenges and just jump in and do it! By the end of June, look back at your challenges and see which ones you JUMPED IN and GOT DONE!

Excellent idea!

The challenge starts tomorrow. So go ahead and post your goals, whether it be nailing down plan Basics, increasing your fitness, or adopting healthy habits. Anything is fair game as long as it's in pursuit of your health or fitness. :+1:

Jump on in!


  • sljohnson1207
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    Ok. My goals for June are:

    Maintain my weight loss (65 lbs total since HW of 205 lbs., 42 lbs since starting again in July 2017 at 182 lbs.) in the range of 138 - 142 lbs.

    Incorporate more strength training, mostly body weight exercises right now.

    Get back to going to yoga classes.

    Be able to complete 100 squats consecutively.
  • Cadori
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    I am ready for a new month!

    Exercise goals:
    4 work days/days at the gym: 2 strength, 2 cardio. As it is FINALLY warming up here, I want to add in early morning walks on my days off of work and take a kid with me for 1:1 chat time. And I want to try to get a hike in most weekends.

    Food goals:
    IF 16:8
    plan work lunches better
    Find some new recipes to play with

  • LuvUbutGoodbyeCarbs
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    I'm in. :smile:

    Main goal for June is to just keep on going on the weight loss, no matter how fast or slow it goes. Currently 12 lbs down (started my journey on May 1st). I log nearly everything, daily.

    Exercise goal would be to get in at least 3 exercise days per week. I plan to increase that but have to start somewhere first! Currently only getting 1-2 days in.
  • beginforthelasttime16
    beginforthelasttime16 Posts: 533 Member
    June Goals:
    Meal prep
    Lose 10 pounds
    210,000 steps
    405 floors
    Use the treadmill that's taking up space in my extra room at least 5 times
  • bozmo
    bozmo Posts: 177 Member
    My goal is to stay in ketosis - even though I have a few party days planned.
    Making my IF schedule more regular is my secondary goal.

    Let's do this!
  • PQ4321
    PQ4321 Posts: 48 Member
    Bike. Bike, bike, bike! I have used every excuse under the sun not to haul my *kitten* out on my bike and ride the trails. No excuses - I am jumping on that bike and going at least 100 miles.
  • Wachkel
    Wachkel Posts: 20 Member
    June Goals:
    * Daily Walk with the dogs (set the alarm early to get in an early morning walk)
    * Daily Yoga/stretching (evenings)
    * Logging every morsel
    * Stay within macros
    * Weigh/measure food rather than eye balling
    * Try 4 new recipes (1 each week)
    * Meal Prep
    * Lose 10
    * Stay focused on me

  • carlsoda
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    I'm in - I have been just horrible since last fall and it's time I kick my "kitten" into gear. So starting today I'm trying to go as low carb as possible for the next 5 days as a kick start. Once my blood sugar ups and downs settles I want to start running again - albeit slow jogging since I have a bad back :)

    SO goals are:
    • Carbs as close to zero as possible for 5 days
    • switch to LCHF on 6/06/18 - up to 20 grams carbs a day
    • Exercise more consistently: walking, running, biking and yoga
    • Lose 10 lbs this month. Is it possible??!!?? I'll try!
  • RockinBaker5210
    RockinBaker5210 Posts: 27 Member
    Lose 8 pounds...more would be great!
    Stay below 30 carbs every day
    Increase fiber
    Get in 10,000 steps 5 days a week, and 5,000 the other 2 days.
  • supergal3
    supergal3 Posts: 523 Member
    I'm in.


    Keep carbs 30 or under
    No stress/emotional eating
    Lose a minimum of 5 lbs
  • rgg71
    rgg71 Posts: 31 Member
    I'm in, I need it!
    • Exercise 3 x week
    • Log every day
    • Net carbs below 30
    • 5:2 every week
    • Plan fast days a week ahead
    • Alcohol no more than 3 days per week
  • easterwood111
    easterwood111 Posts: 3 Member
    Challenge accepted!
    Lose some weight and inches
    <30 grams of carbs
    Less processed food and eating out
  • nvmomketo
    nvmomketo Posts: 12,019 Member
    I have a few goals this month too:
    1. Lose 3-7 lbs without logging
    2. Continue a mostly carnivore diet
    3. More walking and possible resistance training
    4. Try physio and start the ball rolling for hip replacement. Eek!
  • PaulaKro
    PaulaKro Posts: 5,711 Member
    1. Walk 3 flat miles twice weekly & a hilly mile or three on weekends
    2. Break out the dumbbell and bodyweight workouts
    3. Kill the cravings - Minimize carbs - Increase HDL - Lose 5-10 pounds
    4. Drink more water
    5. Serenity
  • MaggieFinn
    MaggieFinn Posts: 13 Member
    I'm in.
    1. Log every day
    2. Log water every day (and hit >64oz 5 days a week)
    3. Average at least 1.5 lb weight loss/ week
    4. Quiet time every day
  • taylok23
    taylok23 Posts: 826 Member
    I missed today but will start in earnest tomorrow. My goals for the month:
    1. Continue logging everything daily
    2. Continue exercise regimen daily (run 30 minutes rather than my lazy 20 on cardio days)
    3. Get back to 16:8 more regularly
    4. Eliminate after dinner snacking
  • maureli
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    Logged it all
    14K bike ride
    whipper snipped 1 1/2 hr
    Calorie goal
    Net carbs a bit high but ok
    No wine!!

    Got out yesterday for my first bike ride of the year. There is a 14K loop that I generally do but my goal is to go farther. Theres another loop thats probably 25-30K. Dh does a lot of biking as well so I would like to build up to go with him. (ironman training, him....not me. lol)

    @taylok23 - your #4 is key for me, I am a night time snacker so trying to cut that out is hard but I see more results when I do.
  • tishsmith101
    tishsmith101 Posts: 1,607 Member
    June goals:
    165 to 162
    Outdoor walks, bike rides and gardening in addition to existing spin classes
    Average 45000 steps per week
    Aim for leaner proteins

    @CateL51 we are rocking our 50's ;)
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