Anyone with PCOS?

skigal303 Posts: 39 Member
I'm cleaning up my intake because I just was diagnosed with PCOS. I crave sugar and white flour all the time, but my doc said a very clean diet will help with cravings, weight loss, and my symptoms. Anyone else going through this journey?


  • LaurenMT96
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    Me! I have PCOS and have lost 47lbs so far, i only eat bread at weekend (with breakfast) and try to stay away from sugar, im 18 weeks in and dont really crave either anymore. Before i started i was a bread and crisps monster haha
  • Ver000nika
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    I have pcos and try to eat clean. No gluten, a little of dairy (only cheese, sour cream and occasional coffee creamer). It was really-really-really hard for first month, but now not so much anymore. I try to eat more protein and fat and less carbs. In days I succeed, there are no cravings, but it's somewhat difficult due to all the cooking required
  • MJsStory
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    I have PCOS and crave carbs and sugars. My allergies keep me away from most of it but sometimes it still gets the best of me. I’m not really losing weight at this point and trying to figure out why.
  • fit_jewels
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    for pcos, losing weight in general is the best thing you can do and keeping active for insulin sensitivity . calorie deficit greater than you normally would as your body will be more stubborn
  • Lonelybroccoli_2
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    I am new to this group. I have PCOS too and I struggle to lose weight no matter how much effort I put in. The progress is very slow and painstaking.
    Any ideas how to curb the cravings?
  • tyedyechick0930
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    Hey y'all! I was recently told I also have PCOS and I don't have a regular cycle on my own :( So, my OB/GYN put me back on birth control boooo. I'm currently trying to clean up my eating. I used to be a big sugar/carb eater. I'm going on 2 weeks of cutting that out.
    For sugar cravings, depends on how "clean" you want to be but here lately, I like to have a cup of sliced fruit like strawberries and blueberries with a dollop or two of whipped cream - no added sugar. I also like the Garden of Life chocolate raw meal powder with some almond milk and half of a frozen banana - tastes like a chocolate milkshake.
    I'm really hoping that losing weight will help me when I try to go back off of birth control hopefully in September.
  • Khaliae
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    How do you handle the cravings?
    I find it overwhelming at times and I give in and stuff my face and then feel *kitten* after.

  • courtneyengel12
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    PCOS here too... 4 years ago I got on board with clean eating and exercising and was able to control my migraines and loose weight and ultimately get pregnant. Now 3 years later I am at my full term pregnancy weight and symptoms of PCOS are coming back.
    Time to get on board and do this! I know that once I cut the processed stuff out, I won't miss it. But the cravings at the beginning are the worst! I remember drinking a lot of water helped with the cravings. Gotta start that regiment to help me!
  • ScrapStitching
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    Raising my hand. I was diagnosed with PCOS at a really young age, started my monthly later than my friends, had issues becoming pregnant, and have played the can't lose weight because of PCOS and can't repair damages of PCOS by losing weight game. As I have aged and gotten beyond the reproductive issue, I've accepted it and know that exercise and proper eating help with the outward symptoms, but I'll be a furry gal till I die. (Have tried electrolysis, laser, and creams; none worked for me.)
  • amandadodson82
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    I was diagnosed with PCOS when i was 18
  • lacyphacelia
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    I was diagnosed in my 20's.

    I hate to say it, but I don't think the "cravings" ever go away. After overweight people lose weight, it takes a concerted effort to be mindful of eating all the time. I recently read a book called "The Anderson Method" and asked the author on the facebook group about feelings of hunger and cravings. He lost 30+ lbs 3 decades ago and said he still feels them, but makes an effort to eat appropriately.