Week 10 Weigh-in June 11

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Weigh-in #10

Challenge Start Weight:
Challenge Goal Weight:
Weigh-in #1:
Weigh-in #2:
Weigh-in #3:
Weigh-in #4:
Weigh-in #5:
Weigh-in #6:
Weigh-in #7:
Weigh-in #8:
Weigh-in #9:
Weigh-in #10:

A positive thought I had this week was:
A healthy snack/meal I chose this week was:
My most effective workout this week was:



  • cxwhit3
    cxwhit3 Posts: 293 Member
    Challenge Start Weight: 175.6
    Challenge Goal Weight: 163

    Weigh-in #1: 175.0
    Weigh-in #2: 175.8
    Weigh-in #3: 176.4
    Weigh-in #4: 176.4
    Weigh-In #5: 175.2
    Weigh-In #6: 174.6
    Weigh-In #7: 171.0
    Weigh-in #8: 170.0
    Weigh-in #9: 174.6 (this is what happens when you eat junk food for a week :( )
    Weigh-in #10: 171.8

    A positive thought I had this week was: No giving up on the keto! I know it works!
    A healthy snack/meal I chose this week was: Hamburger patty and watermelon
    My most effective workout this week was: none

  • gesundundmunter
    gesundundmunter Posts: 219 Member
    Week 10
    Challenge Start Weight: 236.8
    Challenge Goal Weight: 230.0
    Weigh-in #1: 237.0 (lowest 235.6)
    Weigh-in #2: 236.8 (lowest 235.6)
    Weigh-in #3: 236.4 (lowest 235.8)
    Weigh-in #4: 236.4 (lowest 235.0)
    Weigh-in #5: 237.4 (lowest 236.4)
    Weigh-in #6: 238.8
    Weigh-in #7: 240.8
    Weigh-in #8: 240.0
    Weigh-in #9: 239.0
    Weigh-in #10: 240.4

    A positive thought: I need protein-dense food to stick to a calorie limit.
    A healthy snack/meal: Salmon on rice and green beans with slivered almonds as a salad for lunch.
    My most effective workout this week was: Body cycle.

    Comments: I traced my successful weight loss of over 40 lbs (2014-15) before my hip surgery to find out what worked then. I put 20 lbs back on during recovery which coincided with start of graduate school. I have been sort of depressed about restrictions after hip replacement (no jumping or running) though the surgery relieved me after1 yr of chronic pain and pain meds. I still want to lose weight, get flexible again, dance/ballet still my faves. I want to focus on sufficient protein intake to keep me more satiated.
  • Niki_Fitz
    Niki_Fitz Posts: 951 Member
    Challenge SW 133.9
    GW 125 or Recomp
    Wk1 132.2
    Wk2 131.5
    Wk3 131.1
    Wk4 132.9
    Wk5 131.8
    Wk6 131.7
    Wk7 130.8
    Wk8 132.6
    Wk9 132.7
    Wk10 131.5

    A positive thought I had this week: I’ve got this.
    Effective workout: 25 min beach run.
    Healthy meal: broiled haddock and cole slaw

    3 lbs in 10 weeks isn’t too bad for me. I’ve never sustained progress like this even if it’s 2 steps forward and one back. I’ve got a long way to go! You gals are all wonderful, thanks for being here.
  • nvasquez41
    nvasquez41 Posts: 59 Member
    Challenge Start Weight: 134.4
    Challenge Goal Weight: 128
    Weigh-in #1: 134.8
    Weigh-in #2: 131.4
    Weigh-in #3: 133.2
    Weigh-in #4: 134.4
    Weigh-in #5: 134.8
    Weigh-in #6: 134.0
    Weigh-in #7: 133.8
    Weigh-in #8: 134.4
    Weigh-in #9: 133.0
    Weigh-in#10: 134.2

    A positive thought I had this week was : I am not going to let one day make me lose motivation and derail my whole week.

    On Saturday I went to a bridal shower, another food festival, and I said screw it when my husband suggested we order pizza that night. I wasn't going to log everything because I didn't want to know but I decided that I should for accountability. I ate and drank like over 4000 calories :o I would like to say it won't happen again soon but I'm going to an ice cream festival and brewery tour in Austin for my upcoming birthday so I guess its happening again soon.
  • leonadixon
    leonadixon Posts: 479 Member
    Start Weight:200.8 (January 2018)
    Challenge Start Weight:194.0
    Challenge Goal Weight:179.0

    Weigh-in#1: 194.5
    Weigh-in#2: 193.2
    Weigh-in#3: 194.6
    Weigh-in#4: 195.4
    Weigh-in#5: 195.4
    Weigh-in#6: 193.2
    Weigh-in#7: 193.4
    Weigh-in#8: 193.4
    Weigh-in#10: 193.0

    A positive thought I had this week was: I'm getting the hang of this. I started weighing daily about 2 weeks ago to watch fluctuations and it's fascinating! I was a little worried it would mess with my head, but has had the opposite effect. Working hard on watching calorie intake more closely. I have been underestimating too much lately.

    Most effective workout: Been swimming! Love it!

    Healthy snack: Not really snacking. Found the Fudge Popsicles for 40 calories each which tastes amazing and no guilt!
  • poeciliareticulata
    poeciliareticulata Posts: 110 Member
    Challenge start weight: 143
    Challenge goal weight: 136
    Weigh-in #1: 142
    Weigh-in #2: 140
    Weigh-in #3: 140
    Weigh-in #4: 139
    Weigh-in #5: 139
    Weigh-in #6: 138
    Weigh-in #7: 138
    Weigh-in #8: 138
    Weigh-in #9: 136
    Weigh-in #10: 136

    No surprises there!
    I am losing slightly slower than my Fitbit calorie balance would predict, probably a combination of sloppy logging (too much underestimating) or Fitbit overestimating my exercise calories. That said, half a pound a week is about what I am aiming for, so maybe I don’t need to worry too much!
    “Silly season” at work is almost over, so hoping I can motivate myself to get a bit more exercise in. I didn’t make it to 10,000 steps on any day last week because I was too busy to walk at lunch time, let alone go for a run. I have dusted off the exercise bike at home but motivation is the key issue there, I don’t really enjoy it, I like my exercise outside!
  • shroodle88
    shroodle88 Posts: 123 Member
    Challenge Start Weight:59.3kg
    Challenge Goal Weight: 57kg

    Weigh-in #1:
    Weigh-in #2: 59.3
    Weigh-in #3: 58.7
    Weigh-in #4:
    Weigh-in #5: 60.3
    Weigh-in #6: 59.5
    Weigh-in #7: 58.2
    Weigh-in #8: 59.
    Weigh-in #9: 58.3
    Weigh-in #10: 57.8

    Positive Thought: Just before heading off to Germany, I finally spotted the magic number 57 on the scales!

    Exercise: several 6km runs. Didn't go for longer, but am happy where I am.

    Snack: Anna Jones' tacos: no cheese, no cream, no meat, but sooo super tasty! I am now going to inflict them on my meat-loving family.

    Comments: I really tightened the rains last week and all my running finally paid of: a pound on the scales and I couldn't be happier. Overall, my figure has definitely changed over the last few weeks, even if the scales haven't moved much. My legs are thinner, my pants are getting too loose and even my hands feel a little ... bonier.

  • _Mrs_Ryan_
    _Mrs_Ryan_ Posts: 15 Member
    Weigh-in #10
    Challenge Start Weight: 179
    Challenge Goal Weight: 165
    Weigh-in #1: 179.5
    Weigh-in #2: 176.2
    Weigh-in #3: 176.0
    Weigh-in #4: 173.3
    Weigh-in #5: 174
    Weigh-in #10: 172

    I've been MIA. Life is hectic. Weight loss hasn't gone *quite* as planned, but it's still going so I'm happy about that!
  • spdaphne
    spdaphne Posts: 262 Member
    Challenge Start Weight: 174.0
    Challenge Goal Weight: 165
    week #1- 173.2
    week #2 - 171.0
    week #3 - 173
    week #4 -
    week #5 - 170.8
    week #6 - —
    week #7 - 171.0
    week #8 -
    week #9 - 172.8
    week #10 - 172.8

    Comments: Didn't do to bad gaining from my theme park trip though my eating hasn't been great the last 3 weeks. Been feeling blah and not so energetic. Fiance and I both said we gotta get back on track and my body is craving healthier food. I have my dress fitting in 2 weeks and I need to be able to fit into it, or at least be the weight I was when I got it. I also am back and slowly working out again. Still have leg swelling so I'll still ice nightly and work on my cardio.
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