Syncing issue today



  • rosebette
    rosebette Posts: 1,657 Member
    Mine isn't syncing. It recorded only 35 steps in Mfp and I did over 10000
  • paulperryman
    paulperryman Posts: 840 Member
    NO sync in several weeks for me
  • NARudy
    NARudy Posts: 33 Member
    Had it for a day, gone again this afternoon.

    Very disappointing since I hit my fast loss goal and was planning on starting to eat back a portion of my exercise calories. Oh, well.
  • Aline_1980
    Aline_1980 Posts: 5 Member
    It was working fine yesterday and today, nada
  • schillojan
    schillojan Posts: 1 Member
    I got it to sync a little bit by doing the whole disconnect/reconnect thing. But now it won't sync again.
  • barefoot_kevin
    barefoot_kevin Posts: 3 Member
    This really stinks
  • rhtexasgal
    rhtexasgal Posts: 569 Member
    Has not worked for me in days and frankly, I am so tired it ...
  • MrAstro
    MrAstro Posts: 21 Member
    edited June 2018
    As a ex developer you can't let this happen all the time or people lose confidence in the product. I rely on MFP - I'd hate to have to enter all my recipes to somewhere else.
  • klutzymomdls
    klutzymomdls Posts: 62 Member
    In MFP, the FAQ troubleshooting says how to disconnect and revoke access, wait a while then reconnect. I am trying that. I have done it in the past and it has worked. Now just waiting to reconnect to see if it helps this time.
  • malibu927
    malibu927 Posts: 17,568 Member
    In MFP, the FAQ troubleshooting says how to disconnect and revoke access, wait a while then reconnect. I am trying that. I have done it in the past and it has worked. Now just waiting to reconnect to see if it helps this time.
    When there’s a major outage like this it’s always recommended to NOT do this, as it can cause further delays for you when things do come back up.
  • dcpassmore
    dcpassmore Posts: 21 Member
    Up last night and out again this morning
  • autumnblonde1
    autumnblonde1 Posts: 10 Member
    Mine wasn't synced again this morning. Second time in four days. This is annoying, as the only way I've found to resync it is to log in to MFP on an actual PC (not a tablet or phone) and disconnect the Fitbit app, log out of both Fitbit and MFP, then log back into MFP, reconnect my Fitbit to MFP through the actual computer website, and it'll work. I've found no other workarounds, so those without a PC may be out of luck, and this seems wrong. Why can't MFP fix this issue if it's a constant problem?
  • tdhandy51
    tdhandy51 Posts: 24 Member
    I haven't had a sync this AM either. Somebody at MyFitnessPal needs to start paying SERIOUS attention to this issue. It is the type of thing that will drive customers away!!!
  • 502Monica
    502Monica Posts: 19 Member
    I try to be understanding when things go down but this is honestly ridiculous. MFP is owned by Under Armour, a huge company that surely can employ a few more engineers and developers. Sometimes it goes down for a few hours or a day, okay that is annoying but whatever. But multiple days? Unacceptable. Millions of people use this app daily. They are going to drive people away.
  • heybales
    heybales Posts: 18,830 Member
    It's probably more to do with spending money on the servers that handle the sync info and perhaps faster internet access to them. Or not willing to spend more to increase capacity.

    From the effects seen, it's obvious there is a cache system for holding these synced updates from 3rd party. Because sometimes they eventually catch up.

    And that would explain why it's bad to do the disconnect/connect routine when it's behind, those cached updates still have to be dealt with, but now the account sync identifiers have been changed from that reconnect, so a bunch of bogus updates now to be examined, thrown away, response sent back to 3rd party, they deal with it, ect.

    The cache system would also allow replying to the 3rd party that update was received, even though it hasn't been applied to the MFP account yet - otherwise the 3rd party could keep sending an update thinking it wasn't received since no acknowledgement returned.
    So perhaps they are bogged down even sending ACK's and the 3rd parties keep sending info.
    Though, my Garmin info finally made it over for logging to my account.
  • thunt655
    thunt655 Posts: 3 Member
    Have been having issues off and on for about a week. I have to do the reset at least once a day and then it maybe works for part of the day. This is getting to be very frustrating. Any idea when the issue is going to be resolved.
  • nickchristian3910
    nickchristian3910 Posts: 33 Member
    Mine not working again as of today.
  • SunKissed1989
    SunKissed1989 Posts: 1,312 Member
    Mine is only syncing when I disconnect and reconnect today. I shouldn't have to do this every time I want to sync right? Will try again after work and at night to see if there's any improvement.
  • tdhandy51
    tdhandy51 Posts: 24 Member
    Mine stopped syncing this morning sometime between 0700 and 0800.
  • tinafaye13
    tinafaye13 Posts: 19 Member
    Mine stopped this am only shows 6 steps