Anybody out there???

It's awfully quiet in this castle.....


  • I guess not :(
    *closes door behind her as she leaves*
  • Muldactus
    Muldactus Posts: 6,972 Member
    Honestly, it's been so long since anyone posted here that I forgot the group even existed. I'm still around, tho I'll be honest - I don't visit the forums much anymore. Too much drama.
  • thehexenbiest
    thehexenbiest Posts: 114 Member
    I'm still here, too. I mostly hang out in groups, too, only really visit the public forums here and there to add new friends or remind myself why I rarely go there anymore. I wish this group was more active, though.
  • Faelwyn_the_Rising_Phoenix
    Faelwyn_the_Rising_Phoenix Posts: 372 Member
    edited November 2017
    I just found this group. Really sad to see that it's not very active. :(

  • arendiva
    arendiva Posts: 177 Member
    I'm sad that this group seems to be dead. I was so excited that there was a Harry Potter themed group.
  • beginforthelasttime16
    beginforthelasttime16 Posts: 533 Member
    Maybe we can get people who want to talk in here
  • Muldactus
    Muldactus Posts: 6,972 Member
    I'm not around often, but I'm here at least occasionally.
  • blackhawkgirl91
    blackhawkgirl91 Posts: 223 Member
    Signs of life!
  • Mseckley
    Mseckley Posts: 56 Member
    Anyone want to help start a new group that isn't so dead? So that it's not bogged down by all of the very old posts and hundreds of inactive members? lol
  • AliceKaos
    AliceKaos Posts: 6 Member
    Hello, everyone. I'm in my early 30s. CFS, PCOS, and a ton of undiagnosed issues. Got a disabled husband. Take care of my elderly/dementia grandparents. Just trying to find friends that I can share memes with and talk to about health struggles. I'm still new to MFP and haven't quite decided what my nutrition plan is going to be so I'm just using it as a food diary atm. Add me if you're down for a chill friend that will share silly memes.