Does anyone do a hybrid of OMAD with any other diet?

JimmyJam019 Posts: 50 Member
Just curious if anyone does a hybrid of OMAD with another diet?


  • internetbiz19
    internetbiz19 Posts: 8 Member
    intermittent fasting
  • swartznsortsvending
    swartznsortsvending Posts: 3 Member
    intermittent fasting

    same here
  • AloneOne
    AloneOne Posts: 6 Member
    Yes I am doing OMAD with KETO :)
  • AloneOne
    AloneOne Posts: 6 Member
    Yes I am doing OMAD with KETO :)

    Quoting I was sick as a dog from extremes, so no longer doing exactly Keto..just low carb and sensible cutting of calories. And no more OMAD.
  • KatsNewYear
    KatsNewYear Posts: 47 Member
    Right now eating normal with a one hour window. Concentrating on the window right now.
  • golgoroo
    golgoroo Posts: 69 Member
    I’ve been eating vegan most days. Trying to manage migraines & that helps me focus on whole foods instead of processed stuff that triggers the headaches.
  • RunawayCurves
    RunawayCurves Posts: 694 Member
    I have been vegan nearly 2 years , been doing few days water fasting each month since April, now looking at adopting OMAD.
  • Alexbuzzcut
    Alexbuzzcut Posts: 77 Member
    OMAD and Zero Carb
  • AngelLizbeth
    AngelLizbeth Posts: 18 Member
    I became vegan/vegetarian since January 1st this year. I aim to do OMAD most days within a 2 hour window. However I am addicted to sugar and milk chocolate and have been searching for quickest ways to break the sugar crave. Its definitely two steps forward & three steps back though. Have even thought of forcing myself to sleep through the 3 days fasting necessary to break the crave. Interested in how other OMAD'ers are dealing with the sugar thing...
  • beckercbad4310
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    Hi! First post. Trying to start logging food and hopefully weight loss using MFP. Have done bits of everything - started paleo, IM, Keto, Primal, some OMAD. All work if you stay on them. I was down 18 but have slipped. For the sugar fix, Keto Bombs work. For chocolate, eat less and try dark chocolate. Good luck all! Stick with it! Second half of 2020 goals!
  • Hi! I’m doing OMAD and CICO.