Deciding to commit to OMAD today

davypr86 Posts: 145 Member
I've been doing 16:8 since July 1st. I initially lost 5 lbs, but this past week I've been stuck. Plus, my cravings have gone down.

So, I want to try it. There are many reasons.

I am tired of counting calories. I am tired of having to restrict myself at eating time. I see people doing OMAD and having some interesting and fun meals while being in awesome shape.

I went from 283 lbs to 200-204 lbs counting calories and working out regularly. But I need to be, at least, 160 lbs to be in the healthy weight range. I've been stuck in the 195 to 205 lbs range for years and everything I do seems to fail.

I am 5'77', 31 lbs, male and medium frame.

I am ready to comit!


  • JimmyJam019
    JimmyJam019 Posts: 50 Member
    Love hearing this!
  • KatsNewYear
    KatsNewYear Posts: 47 Member
    I tried one time before and stopped. This time is different and I feel more focused. I understand the importance of finding others to connect with that are eating this way.