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Please Tell Us

1. How long have you been doing the OMAD Diet?
2. What is your eating window?
3. What is your favorite thing about the doing the OMAD Diet?
4. What are your favorite Beverages?
5. What is your favorite Meal?


  • rachk2490
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    Hello, I've gradually moved into OMAD over the last few weeks or so. I started out trying keto, didn't last long, then got in the 16:8, and gradually started going longer on my fasts, even doing 2 day complete fasts some weeks.
    But as a lifestyle and a more structured approach, I want to do OMAD. I managed to lose 5 pounds in a month, but somehow have put half of it back on. It doesn't want to move.
    I eat after 8pm generally.
    I love eating whatever I want. I love coffee and diet soda and sadly I'm going through a nachos phase. It's my favorite right now and I suspect I'm over eating on my one meal.
  • moneyinlove
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    Hi Anyone else doing OMAD? I just started yesterday 9/25/17 - after doing basic low carb religiously for 100 days and not losing much to speak of I got distracted. I am back feeling hopeful after reading about insulin spikes and how it effects weight loss. I think the crystal light I've been drinking might be the problem along with the low carb snacking which I thought was okey-dokey. I have no friends here because I wanted to be anonymous but I think with Intermittent Fasting one needs a little support.

    I really like this idea of an open window of 5 hours, and the other 19 hours you are fasting. I am sitting here on my 2nd day hungry for breakfast thought. Wish me luck!
  • emma_laide
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    Hello. I have been doing OMAD for about two-theee weeks now and am loving it. It is so satisfying to know that even if I have to wait a little longer to eat, I will be completely satisfied when I get my meal at night. My eating window is between 4-6pm, but I usually finish eating by 5. My favorite thing about OMAD is the fact that it’s probably the first ‘diet’ I’ve ever been able to stick to for longer than a few days. That’s the most important thing. I have failed at every diet or new way of eating I have ever tried. But with OMAD I KNOW I get to have a completely filling and satisfying meal each day, and that makes the waiting all worth it. It almost seems weird to me now to think of eating 3+ times a day. OMAD is just the best diet because it’s so unrestrictive. You really don’t even have to count calories although I have been just because I want to stay on track. But you can still eat what you want and feel full and happy every day. Rather than every other diet that can be so strict, restrictive, and depressing. I know it’s going to take me a long time to get to my goal weight, but I’m just so thankful I discovered OMAD and fasting in general.
    Please Tell Us

    1. How long have you been doing the OMAD Diet?
    2. What is your eating window?
    3. What is your favorite thing about the doing the OMAD Diet?
    4. What are your favorite Beverages?
    5. What is your favorite Meal?

  • sanniefoxx
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    Hello everyone! I'm Sannie, 32, and ready to kick my health into high-gear with the only diet that ever worked or really made sense to me, One Meal A Day!

    1. How long have you been doing the OMAD Diet?
    -I just restarted OMAD this week with today being the official day one and the days since Thanksgiving being the training days slowly leading to it with two meals a day. I used to eat one meal a day back in college and resumed the standard 3-6 after, and then again a few years ago with a tremendous success that was ultimately thwarted by moving in with family that have terrible eating habits. I've been diagnosed with Hashimoto's, and even though I went gluten-free I'm still having symptoms, so switching to mostly paleo/AIP. But then it was suggested that I try OMAD to give my body a break and more time to rest and absorb nutrients between meals and really start to heal my gut. During these training days I've felt pretty awesome, so hoping that it'll only get better from here. <3
    2. What is your eating window?
    -My daily eating window is between 6pm and 9pm, Monday through Friday. On weekends when I'm with my fiance that window may extend to allow a smaller, second meal earlier in the day with him before I make us dinner.
    3. What is your favorite thing about the doing the OMAD Diet?
    -So far, the simultaneous control yet total ease of what I'm doing. I don't have to buy expensive stuff I'd normally never buy or food that's revolting, I don't have to plan menus for every three hours and somehow find the time and money to make all that food (people who say paleo is cheap are lying or live in a different tax bracket than I do XD), and my tummy hurts far less. Hashimoto's sucks as a whole, but approaching almost every meal with dread knowing that I could suffer later sucks all the joy from cooking and eating. Condensing my food plan to one meal a day means I can plan meals that I know won't hurt me, and that I'll wake up and won't be hurting as much, either.
    4. What are your favorite Beverages?
    -Hot tea! I love hot tea (Twinings <3 Australian Afternoon or Green Tea Mint!) or if I'm really desperate, a cup of hot bone broth goes a long way for me.
    5. What is your favorite Meal?
    -I LOOOOOOOOOOVE to cook. And thankfully, even when it's crazy healthy, my fiance loves it when I cook, too! We live almost entirely on chicken thighs and veggies now with rice only once in a while. But fave meals are when I make us spicy BBQ chicken thighs with sauteed zucchini and shredded sweet potato hashbrowns/noodles. I'm always working on new recipes though, and hope I find ways to make some traditional German, Hungarian, and Polish foods that will be compliant and delicious <3
  • huntersvonnegut
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    Please Tell Us

    How long have you been doing the OMAD Diet?
    So far I've just been doing IF with an eating window between 1-2 PM to 7-8PM. So basically I've just been skipping breakfast but I'm considering reducing to just one meal.
    What is your eating window?
    For my lifestyle/schedule, my one meal will likely be dinner so between 6 and 10 in the evening.
    What is your favorite thing about the doing the OMAD Diet?
    Haven't done it yet so...
    What are your favorite Beverages?
    Water and black coffee. In the evening, I'll have a cup of chai with some raw honey.
    What is your favorite Meal?
    I can't name a favorite.

  • vaughnche
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    I do OMAD + keto. I've been at it about one month. I work nights and get off work at 7am, so my meal it typically after I've run my errands and done some chores, usually between 8-8:30. I'm a slow eater but I try to finish up by 10am.

    My favorite thing about OMAD is how darned easy it is. It fits my vampire lifestyle perfectly. I eat, head to bed shortly after, and all night at work I'm too busy to eat anyway. When I first discovered OMAD, I thought it sounded too good to be true.

    I've had incredible success so far. Not just weight loss, but I'm watching my health improve. My blood-sugar has dropped from pre-diabetic levels to normal range. My blood pressure is lower. My resting heart rate is lower. I have more energy. I sleep better, and my brain fog is lifting. I honestly don't think I could go back to all-day eating. I like OMAD way too much.

    My beverages are water, and tea tea tea. Green tea, black tea, Oolong tea. Cold tea, hot tea. I love my tea.

    Since I'm keto, my favorite meal is probably spicy chicken thighs with a big green salad, a cheese, nut and olive plate, and a homemade fat bomb. I also like beef tips and shrooms over riced cauliflower - though I pretty much always have greens with every meal. I try to keep it simple. I generally don't have a lot of prep and cooking time.
  • traceyd250
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    HI, my name is Tracey I live in New Zealand so perhaps a long way away from you all. I have been toying with IF and being mostly successful but have now moved to Omad, fourth day today. I am finding it so simple, nothing to think about until dinner time.
    My window is 6 - 7pm
    I weigh 112kg need to lose 30kg to be in a healthy range but looking at shorter goals at first.
    I am travelling to London and New York for the holiday of a lifetime in August (20 weeks today to be precise) and I want to be at least 20kg lighter by then.
    I am walking my 10k steps per day, drinking green tea and being Alcohol free so giving myself all the tools I need to make it.
  • AloneOne
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    I am just starting this way of one meal a day as well as keto.
    It seems it may work for me.
    My window will be appoximately 11:30 am or 12:00 pm til around 3:30pm or 4pm. So a four hour window..I am still working this out.
    Fav thing about the OMAD is that exactly meal to fix yay.
    I am wanting 1000 calories a day for me or close to it..that is enough for me.
    I am not that active right now.
    Beverages coffee and tea.
    Fav meal not sure yet..mostly bacon and zucchini noodles.
    Anyone who has tips on getting full and satiety please let me know thanks.
  • TASoto
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    I have been doing IF for like 6 months going to try OMAD starting tomorrow because of a diet work challenge that ends June 7th need that extra push of discipline to hopefully lose another 8 pounds
  • qnskng50
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    Hi Everybody!

    I just started the OMAD; this is my 3rd day. I eat between 10:00-11:00 pm. Listening to Ori; heard it’s best to eat as late as possible for maximum weight loss and getting into a fasted state longer. My favorite thing about OMAD is no guess work in eating- I pre-prep my meals so I’m prepared at exact10 pm. Beverage is water with Braggs ACV. I drink 6-24 oz water or more daily. No juice, coffee, tea, etc. just water and ACV. Favorite meal- I love avocado, boiled egg, bacon, and chicken breast on chopped romaine lettuce, with black olives and Colby shredded cheese w/ ranch drsg. I also do a 1/3 cup shot of ACV, Organic turmeric, Organic cayenne pepper, ginger powder and 1/2 lemon juice squeezed before my meal.

    However, my struggle is I can’t seem to fit all the calories I need into one meal using healthy foods!! I’m really disappointed bc I have yet to lose weight; actually I’ve gained 2 lbs! Idk what I can do… I’m trying to find the right food combinations to help spark weight loss. I weigh myself daily, which I probably shouldn’t do. I have energy and I feel good and satiated throughout the day with no pressure to eat or food cravings. I’ve done straight water fasts many times and have lost astronomical amounts of weight in a short period. My last water only fast was 36 lbs in 11 days. So I know my body is receptive to fasting. This OMAD has me baffled and confused. I read somewhere that I’m supposed to take my BMR and decrease it by 500 calories and eat in that range to see results. So I will try this tonight. I also do a bit of resistance band workouts, sumo squats, planks, and lateral back strengthening exercises about 3x wk minimum. So I’m not a lazy person. Plus I have 4 little ones 3 of which are in diapers to keep me busy!

    My birthday is in August ; I’ll be 45, and we are taking a family beach vacation in July after the 4th holiday...not askin* for much- maybe 20lbs off to start… I just want to be comfortable in my clothes and not feel hot and sticky all the time... ugh* feeling extremely discouraged....
  • TinamarZDF
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    1. How long have you been doing the OMAD Diet?
    2. What is your eating window?
    3. What is your favorite thing about the doing the OMAD Diet?
    4. What are your favorite Beverages?
    5. What is your favorite Meal?

    Did OMAD for 8 days straight a week ago. Did well, lost 8 lbs of water weight but felt lighter. Have been off of it since, no good reason. Trying to stick to it!! I know it's the best thing for me for many reasons. I know it'll be the easiest to stick to for health, healing, saving money, learning self-control, and obviously weight loss.

    Eating Window. No definite eating window, but just eating dinner. Will soon get into an actual time frame. Have family and that makes a difference in when we eat. Will stick to what is called WarMad, combining the Warrior Diet and OMAD. Basically eating the one meal but within that 4 hour eating window. Follow OMAD Revolution and Six Miles to Supper on YouTube.

    Favorite thing for me personally is eating anything I want (within reason), not cutting ANY food groups out!!! And still getting the health benefits.

    During my fasting window I only drink water. While eating my one meal, whatever I want ;-).

    Favorite meal is Lasagna, Tacos, cheeseburgers (so not healthy, why OMAD is awesome!)
  • KatsNewYear
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    1. How long have you been doing the OMAD Diet?
    2. What is your eating window?
    3. What is your favorite thing about the doing the OMAD Diet?
    4. What are your favorite Beverages?
    5. What is your favorite Meal?

    I like the questions. I am in mid week 3. Down 10.4 lbs. Really liking the way it makes me feel.
    My favorite thing is the energy and freedom I feel from not having food control me.
    Water, Hot Black/Green Tea, Water w/electrolytes in it (Hyper-Lyte), Seltzer water
    Salmon with brown rice, vegetarian baked beans, broccoli or maple chicken with carrots, glass of red wine and I like to end the meal with mixed nuts and dark chocolate chips. I make my own trail mix.
  • TropicalMe
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    Please Tell Us

    1. How long have you been doing the OMAD Diet? A: 4 days just started this week.
    2. What is your eating window? A: 5-9, usually eat around 8.
    3. What is your favorite thing about the doing the OMAD Diet? A: not feeling guilty about not eating breakfast, not thinking I have to rant every certain couple of hours.
    4. What are your favorite Beverages?
    A: Tea and mineral water.
    6. What is your favorite Meal? Hard to decide but pretty much anything grilled.

  • Hi there, my name is Ashleigh (male) how are you all?!
    I am currently doing the OMAD daily routine. I have been a vegetarian for about 3 years and recently upgraded to Vegan lifestyle. Here are my answers to your questions:
    1. 2 days now (since family day here in BC, Canada)
    2. 2-3pm
    3. Actually enjoying food and knowing i dont have to worry about the rest.
    4. Is wine a like grape beverage? no really i have stopped drinking i get a good 80oz or more water a day now. (it was milk but id rather save our furry friends big or small)
    5. Ive been making some great hearty slow cooked soups, but im really into the alternative gardein products- fish mmm
  • AngelLizbeth
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    Hello I have tried IF before doing 5.2 and 16/8 but have now settled into the OMAD with a 22/2 routine. I desperately want to reduce inflammation pain and even through OMAD I am having to make sure certain foods are not consummed or else have pain flare-up. I like that I can manage it when I have to fit in a special lunch or dinner. I like that I don't have to count calories or look like a dieter when ordering food out with friends or family. I like that the RA pain receeded from day one of OMAD. I am actually learning to enjoy drinking more water or herb tea not cola anymore. My favourite meal is a carvery roast dinner with light dessert. Looking forward to finally budging body past its old set point that prevented me dropping weight in the past.
  • darrelhart
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    Hello! Just started three weeks ago on OMAD, however I have been consuming under 1000 calories a day for several month now and have not lost a pound. I continue to gain regardless. A few years ago I went from 260 down to 190, and maintained that weight for a few years. The change was I retired about a year ago and quit walking 3 to 5 miles a day. other than that no real change in diet. Here came the weight gain a little more every month, so I started logging meals for a while and saw I was still typically under 1000 cals a day. I needed to do something as I am now up to 235.
    The first two weeks of OMAD I lost 5 pounds, but this week gained it back. My struggle is eating enough calories in one sitting, so I did change from a one hour window to a 4 hour window in case I couldn't eat enough in one sitting. I am finding it really tough to find 1000 or 1200 calorie meals, that are not a ton of food.
    I actually have had to start eating more on OMAD as previously I was eating under 1000 a day average of 900 cals. perhaps I have been in starvation mode.
    I slowly adjusted my eating window from noon to 5 pm.
    I bought the keto -Mojo meter to check ketosis and glucose levels, which look good. ketosis this am was 1.9 glucose a little high today at 90.
    I have experienced some blood sugar spikes after eating, but the highst was 144 so far. I'm not surprised as its an adjustment to eat all that food in one meal.

    I do take sytnthroid for hypo thyroid. I read somewhere that people that take synthroid should reduce what MFP figures for calories and reduce that by 600. not sure if that is real.

    So...I am not surprised that since I started eating more I gained. I guess we will see what happens.

  • clayw1pi
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    I started intermittent fasting about 6 months ago using the 16/8 routine. About 3 months ago I started doing the OMAD routine which I supplement with a 2 or 3 days fast each week. My longest fast has been 111 hours. I use the LIFE Fasting app on the app store of my android phone. I am the creator of the circle called OMAD, Path to Autophagy. So far I have lost 61 pounds. IF and OMAD work. You just need to do it. I don't count calories and I severely reduce any intake of sugar and processed foods. Every once in awhile I allow myself to eat everything in sight which allows me to continue the regimen without regrets.
  • richardharpe
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    On January 4th I started to do the OMAD. I thought it would be really difficult but it turns out that only the weekends are a struggle for me. When I'm at work, I only bring water so it forces me to stay away from food. When I get home I eat my single meal and then I start my fast until the next day at the same time.

    This month (so far) I'm down 11lbs! I'm very pleased with the results.
  • Kaysmile012015
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    Sucks to be hungry all the time-I'v done Omad three years off and on; I'v been off it eight plus months and I noticed EVERYTHING triggers my insulin response and appetite( literally im hungry all day)even black"flavored"coffee triggers my hunger. Im not willing to cut carbs nor sugar so i tried having nothing except water and regular black coffee for the day, and Low and behold thank GOD NO HUNGER!! I swear, Its such a relief..So I think I'll stay awhile doing Omad,see how it goes.
    Any tips on how not to trigger appetite during day ( I eat in the evening) are definitely welcomed.:)thanks be well.
  • ginamyrmel
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    I've just been doing OMAD for the last 2-3 weeks.
    Generally, I eat start cooking at 4:00 p.m. and start my OM at 5:00, and am finished by 6:00.
    My favorite thing about OMAD is the simplicity - I only have to plan and record food once.
    My favorite beverages are unsweetened no-caffeine iced tea, ice water, and mineral water. My favorite meal is dinner.