Little rant

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The last few weeks have felt really crappy, between vacations when I was only 7 weeks post-op and my family drama and my husband who only wants junk food and pop, and my friends who I don’t see or talk too I feel crappy and lonely and a little lost trying to stumble my way down this new path in my life...


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    So sorry to hear this - you may find that friends will become resentful but basically out of jealousy - if that is the case you don’t need them in your life, though I know that it is hard to hear that. Is there any way that your husband would be willing to eat more Bariatric friendly foods around you? There are some really good products and recipes out there that are Bariatric friendly and awesome. Check out these sites, though some aren’t Bariatric specific but you can definitely make them portion controlled:

    Bariatric Eating
    Bariatric Foodie
    The World According to Eggface
    Emily Bites
    Damn Delicious
    Once Upon A Chef
    Mel’s Kitchen Cafe
    Peas and Crayons
    What Molly Made

    Good luck and just know that you have all of us here if you need anything!
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    HLaR79, it can be frustrating when you're headed in a new direction and everyone seems to want to keep you where you've been. Take things one day at a time. For the junk food lovers in your family cook what you need to succeed and let them doctor up what you cook to meet their need for junk food. If they aren't willing to modify or add to what you cook then they really don't want the junk food. There is nothing you eat that the entire family can't eat or modify.

    Find a support group even if it's online. Everybody needs support. Post every challenge or crazy thought you have here because we're all in this together.

    You can do this!
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    You have made the commitment to have a healthier life. Good for you! You wouldn't have done this if you weren't prepared to make the changes required. It would be really nice if the people in your circle were supportive, but you have to be prepared to do this on your own if you have to. I always had to remind myself that I made the decision to do this, my husband didn't- so I can't dictate what he can or can't eat even if it makes staying on plan tougher for me. If you need to, leave the room if you are tempted. Stay strong, you can do this!!
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    Thanks everyone :) there is no giving up for me, I decided to take my negative energy out at the gym!!! I enjoy the gym and working out in climate control!!!