Weight management routines: How 'fixed' are you?

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Responding to a couple threads this morning reminded me of my intuition shortly after starting this journey four years ago. I knew myself well enough to know if I got locked in to the same thing every day, it wouldn't take long for it to become monotonous and boring--and I wouldn't stick with it.

Whether food or exercise, I see a lot of value in 'mixing it up'. Some days are better for the objective of weight management than others, but most all have some aspects working in the right direction. I am extremely lucky and grateful to have a supportive partner who does our shopping, food prep and cooking or I might be forced to lock in a little more of my routine. Having some flexibility in my work and working largely from home probably helps a lot too. However, those things aside, I know I need flexibility with all aspects of living the lifestyle to maintain it.

I'm not real fixed in my routine except that at the end of the day, I try to land on or about my alloted WW SPs. How I get there though does vary almost every day. I've been dedicating some time most mornings to walking a few miles and I enjoy that even though it has become a bit of a routine. I like being out early, seeing what I can of a sunrise and hearing my world come to life. It doesn't hurt that there's not much traffic that time of day either. However, even this is bordering on routine which borders on "chore" for me. So far, I am able to mix up the route to keep it pretty fresh but I make this exception because I think it's time well spent, even if it is routine.


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    I'm a routine type of person, so I get a lot of comfort in knowing what to expect. I like that every morning is my time to walk the neighborhood with my dogs and that I already have all my lunches packed for the week so I don't have to worry about them. I plan different lunches and dinners every week, but the portioning and planning all happen on the weekend. I also like going to workout classes because they're a scheduled activity. I drive my SO nuts sometimes because I have our weekend plans booked out months in advance at times. I try a lot of new and exciting foods and take part in new activities, but the base of the schedule tends to keep me sane with everything going on :)