two years out

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Hi everyone. I am two years out. I love my tool! I was 220 pounds and lost most my weight. I was down to 135 and loved it. I am currently finishing my masters and got lazy. Not working out and eating fast food crap. (not large portions as I cant but its still crap!)
I find I gained 10 pounds. I will nip this in the bud before the stress eating comes back.

So today I will refocus. I am 145 pounds.(I am American but live near Dubai and we do kg here. So i am 65 kg and want to be 58 kg. but ill settle for 60 kg. lol) This means I would like to be 120. but I would settle for around 130 pounds.

My goal is to eat high protein. I love shakes for breakfast. lol Most dnt but for me it works as I am not much on eating in the morning. then the normal health food. To be honest I do try and eat normal as long as I have the protein for the day. However if it is rice i make brown and half a cup ....

For ladies who are new or about to have it I remember a time I craved food n just could not stop. My issue now is never being hungry. I know ur laughing but its true.
I used to forget to eat. lol

I find the craving gone thank GOD!!!!!!
but after two years I know its just a tool and I got lazy and need to remind myself.

Pls add me and lets motivate each other. I lost so much before. I know I can lose 10-15 pounds in no time. lol


  • muscati
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    day two.

    headed to gym for a little.
    I rather root canal. lol. but I will do it.

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    Great job! The first few days are the hardest!!
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    Hi! I am just over one year since I had the sleeve. I started out at 254 or somewhere in that vicinity. Got down to 207 in April. The lowest I've been in almost 28 yrs. When I started this journey I begin with the lapband in 2012 and that was a nightmare. I was at 284 pounds and managed to get down to 230's and then the weight started going all over the place. Adjusting and readjusting the band. Acid reflux, vomiting and the likes...I don't get to the gym that often but I walk just about everyday either on my treadmill when i'm off or I walk on some of my breaks at work. I was so close to "onderland" :neutral: I am almost up to 220 and fighting to get back to my lowest weight and then keep on moving closer to goal in the SB lane. I have so many unanswered questions but I keep moving and believing I can do this. You can do this and no Root Canals... LOL
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    @jcavanna2 love THIS:
    jcavanna2 wrote: »
    There is no deadline here :)

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    i live in Dubai but i am from Louisiana. we dont do walking outside in Dubai. lol
    today it was about 135 degrees? lol nope nope nope.

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    I am new to this forum. How do I add friends so that I can follow you?
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    Never give up, that's my message for today. Claw your way calorie, fat gram, carb, protein, protein etc. way to your goal weight. As I work to lose 10 pounds I'm going to stop saying I've only lost an ounce and focus on ounces equal pounds. Have a great day everyone.