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Busy Mom- Working Part Time- Small Town- Please, help me get started

Looking to start eating cleaner, but having 2 small kids, working part-time and living in a town with limited resources to do so. My husband also eats similar to the "average" toddler, so it will be a tough persuade. Looking for easy, tips, tricks and recipes to fit into my busy days.


  • GoldieAuStein
    GoldieAuStein Posts: 11 Member
    If you start buying organic and non-gmo and still cook the food that your family expects, they will be eating healthy and not even know it. You are in a small town, but don't say how far it is to your nearest Whole Foods Market, or Sprouts or other Natural Grocer. It is worth the drive to buy good things. Do you have a co-op that will deliver organic non-gmo food to your house? Can you order online? I avoid these meal prep services, I don't want their recipes, I just want the ingredients I want, and I will make what I want.

    Whole Foods has gotten extremely more affordable since being taken over by Amazon. They have the best prices in town on Kerrygold Butter and Pacific Foods Broth.

    Do you have a costco in the general vicinity? Costco has a wonderful selection of organic and non-gmo items. You have to keep an eye out, because non-gmo has the same color label as conventional, and you may miss a non-gmo item.

  • mariluny
    mariluny Posts: 428 Member
    Depending on what you, start by making easy and friendly recipe using whole ingredient instead of processed.

    If your husband and kids likes chicken nuggets, you can make some with ideal organic chicken, you can buy (or make) fresh bread crumbs made of 100% bread, etc. Make too much and freeze for the next time. That's how I started and my freezer became my best friend!
  • Tracie_Lord
    Tracie_Lord Posts: 1,761 Member
    slow cooker is a great way to start :)
  • babydaisy81
    babydaisy81 Posts: 218 Member
    Busy single mom of two here, I leave around 7am and sometimes don't get home until 6pm, so dinner has to be healthy and ready when I get home! I normally sit down Thursday night and plan what we are going to eat around the flyers, and stick to fresh local produce (now is a great season!!!) and any meat on sale. I really try to keep the kids on a healthy meal plan too, but do wander into the middle section of the store for easy snack and lunch grabs, because they are kids and I am tired! lol

    I find the make or break it for me is to MEAL PREP! I spend way too much time in the kitchen on Sundays usually getting to be around midnight, but if it doesn't get done we are eating peanut butter on a spoon and whatever else I can find. I like to cook ahead any ground meat for tacos, refried beans in the crock pot, soak beans ahead of time, any soups or stews I can cook ahead and freeze for a few meals, and this time of year lots of fresh salads and produce, I'll buy corn and freeze it, beans, etc, and now that fall is coming, sqaush is a great freeze as well for soups.

    It's a great idea to do a cook once, eat twice type deal. Tuna melts for the kids, and maybe tuna on salad for yourself, or taco's is a big thing at my house, I will eat it as a salad instead. Salmon is also easy, about 20 minutes on a sheet pan with any produce on sale. Pinterest is amazing for ideas and I am always looking for clean but quick meals that can be prepped ahead of time.

    I was quite strict on clean eating, and it was easier before babe, but getting back into it now that I feel I can commit-because it's important to me I HAVE To find the time.
  • LisaShockey5178
    I like to keep it simple. Saute that meat (coconut oil for high heat, walnut oil for medium heat and olive oil for low heat). Steam broccoli in the microwave! Bake a sweet potato in the microwave--my kids are grown so I splurge on the $1 pre-wrapped yam at Walmart. Use lean meats, like lean beef, chicken, turkey burgers are great! etc... (organic can be expensive so sometimes just a step up at a time) and definitely shop your supermarket meat sales. Beans are also great and even spaghetti noodles come in whole wheat now--with turkey burger--quite yummy! Finally, watch for "lean" but remember healthy fat and whole grains in your diet helps you stay full (protein too). Anyway, good luck! The microwave and a wok or large pan that you can whip up stuff really quick helps! Stay off of ranch dressing, corn bread, heavy dressings and sauces. This should be light or try things without sauce and dressings. Raising kids on Ranch dressing should not be encouraged--if you use it--keep it light! Again, good luck!
  • LisaShockey5178
    I just saw someone said slow cooker -- that's even better for busy moms!