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Hi my name is Solmaz and I today is the first day of my OMAD transformation journey. I have been vegan for years so no challenge there. My main focus is to heal my body, currently dealing with some inflammatory concerns, as well as gaining more clarity and high energy levels and of course weight loss would be a bi product which I greatly welcome :)
So here is my stats:
Heigh: 168Cm
CW: 65kg
Meal time: between 5 to 6:30 PM
Aiming to do this for 30 days and will be logging my results every 10 days.
I will be sharing my experience as I go through this and definitely be welcoming comments and feedback.
Let's get started :)


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    Welcome Solmaz :) I'm sure that you will have great success and will achieve all that you are after. I definitely have more energy, clarity and some weight loss on OMAD. Staying busy is what works best for me to sail through OMAD. I wish I was vegan! If I lived alone I think I would be able to achieve it. I wish you a great journey :)
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    Hi, Solmaz!
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    I just completed my first day of OMAD. This is what I ate today:
    A glass of lookwarm lemon water (I have been doing this every morning for years, it helps with hydration throughout the day and its great morning boost for digestion system)
    a cup of back coffee at 10AM - Feeling good
    started feeling hungry around 12 noon but I drank half a litre of water with a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar in it and around 3PM had another cup of black coffee.
    I am limiting my coffee to no more than 2 cups a day as I can easily go overboard with coffee :)
    I started preparing my meal, chopped up some fresh lettuce, mixed leaves, zucchini, cucumber, carrot and tomato and made a bow of nice crunchy salad. For dressing I mixed mustard, balsamic vinegar, rice syrup, dried dill, avo and nutritional yeast.
    I had this salad with a bread roll (Spelt Sourdough) and then had a serving of chickpeas (0.5 cup) with spinach and brown rice (0.5cup).
    For dessert I cut a banana and put a table spoon of almond butter on it and sprinkled some cocoa nibs and sesame on top. I have a sweet tooth and I find this very satisfying.

    I consumed about 1100 cal, my meal was very filling and satisfying. I feel comfortably full and already looking forward to my next day of fasting.
    I must say that I have a very subtle headache which could be from changing my eating routine so I'm not worried about that. I am hoping my body will adjust to this soon so I won't have many days craving food and counting down minutes to get to my meal time.
    So folks for day 1 it wasn't bad at all.
    One thing I noticed was that I actually enjoyed the process of preparing my meal and paid attention to what I was putting in it as I knew that this is my only opportunity today to feed my body so I have to be careful what I feed my body.
    Thanks for welcoming me to the group.
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    Completed my day 3 and it's incredible how my body is already (almost) adjusted to the meal time. I felt little hunger during the day, mainly around lunch time and I washed it down with half a litre of water followed by a cup of green tea :)
    had a cup of coffee around 2:30PM and by the time I got home and prepared dinner it was past 6PM. I allow myself almost an hour to consume my meal as I am very aware of chewing my food properly. Today my meal was 2 cups of green salad with half an avo, spelt bread roll, GF pesto pasta and for dessert I had a banana topped with almond butter and cocoa nibs.
    All up is just under 1200 calories but this meal is so filling and satisfying that I don't feel deprived at all and I actually look forward and enjoy my meal time now whereas before it was more of a hassle, stressful at times to make time for breakfast as I'm usually in a rush to head out the door, very hard to find time for lunch while i'm in the office - sometimes I end up just devouring my food in meeting rooms which I hated most. But now I feel so free during the day to do whatever / whenever I want to do - this includes workout as well, as I always had to make sure its just just before or after a meal...etc. so now I can live my life and get things done during the day and enjoy a nice meal in the evening followed by resting and relaxing :)
    so far so good. Very happy.
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    Looks like you are doing great and are appreciating the benefits of Omad. I love not having to think about breakfast and dinner also. Your meals sound very healthy. I love the thought of the banana and almond butter...but I think the jar would call to me outside of my eating window. I still don't have willpower, hopefully eventually. Continued success to you :)
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    Totally doing great! Yes with OMAD it is such a time saver :) I am so much more productive during the day without thinking about lunch...….And food at night tastes oh so much better!!
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    Welcome to the OMAD group Solmaz :)