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Week 8 Weigh In - Nov 19

cxwhit3 Posts: 293 Member
Happy Turkey Week!
(Let's hope we don't have to break out the turkey pants)
For those elsewhere on the globe -just have a great week!

Challenge Start Weight:
Challenge Goal:

Week 1:
Week 2:
Week 3:
Week 4:
Week 5:
Week 6:
Week 7:

A positive thought for the week:
Healthy snack or meal:
Best workout this week:



  • cxwhit3
    cxwhit3 Posts: 293 Member
    Challenge Start Weight: 171.8
    Challenge Goal: 165

    Week 1: 171.4
    Week 2: 171.7
    Week 3: 174.7
    Week 4: 175.0
    Week 5: oops - forgot to weigh in
    Week 6 174.4
    Week 7: 174.2
    Week 8: 173.8

    A positive thought for the week: Didn't gain! Yay!
    Healthy snack or meal: Soup and more soup
    Best workout this week: walking on treadmill

    Comments: I joined the Y last week, but only made it twice before coming down with a cold. Wasn't a bad one, just made me tired and stuffy. So I watched The Great British Baking Show instead. Really a great idea while trying to diet, right? Anyway, did some baking this weekend but was satisfied with just a taste. I can now make a Swiss Meringue and know that I don't care for it - too sweet! Will head to the Y this evening and really crack down on the diet this week so I can enjoy Thanksgiving guilt free (which doesn't mean I'm going to gorge, just enjoy). Also, need to drink for water.
  • gesundundmunter
    gesundundmunter Posts: 219 Member
    Challenge Start Weight: 228.6
    Challenge Goal: Maintain below 230.0 (was: 215.0)
    Week 1: 229.2
    Week 2: 228.4
    Week 3: 228.8
    Week 4: 228.4
    Week 5: 231.4
    Week 6: 229.2
    Week 7: 230.6
    Week 8: 230.0

    Positive thought for the week: Two thirds through the semester!.
    Healthy snack or meal: Multigrain bread with cheese and apple.
    Best workout this week: Body bike during TV treat.

    Grueling schedule continued, I’m sick of it. And been very anxious about a CPR class for work tomorrow, I’m so out of shape in addition to hip replacement and don’t want to hurt my body.
  • poeciliareticulata
    poeciliareticulata Posts: 110 Member
    edited November 2018
    Challenge Start Weight: 137
    Challenge Goal: 132
    Week 1: 136
    Week 2: 137
    Week 3: 134
    Week 4: 133
    Week 5: (skipped)
    Week 6: 133
    Week 7: 132
    Week 8: 131

    Comment: Late weighing in this week as we’re having the bathrooms ‘done’ and I didn’t remember where I put the scale. Found it, but it’s now in a different place, on a different type of floor.

    Positive thought: Still have one non-functioning bathroom, but the finished one (except the painting) is AWESOME
    Healthy meal/snack: Errr, nothing stands out. Discovered frozen mixed beans (kidney, chick peas, something else) which are going to be very handy for just getting the right amount to pop in a taco
    Best workout: Week 8 run 1, 28 mins non-stop, I think I covered 3.7km running.

    To the person who asked last week (arameni?), my username is the scientific name for a guppy (small fish) :smile:

    No need for turkey pants this side of the Atlantic. Have a fun thanksgiving!
  • leonadixon
    leonadixon Posts: 479 Member
    Start Weight:200.8 (January 2018)
    Challenge Start Weight:189.8
    Challenge Goal Weight:175

    Weigh in #1: 186.6
    Weigh in #2: 186.4
    Weigh in #3: 190.4
    Weigh in#4: 192.6
    Weigh in #5: 193.8
    Weigh in #6: 195.4
    Weigh in#7: 194.2
    Weigh in#8: 192.6

    I think I'm finally getting back where I need to be on my weight. I have been so ill this past month, it's been difficult. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving (those who are celebrating this week)! I am breaking out my stretchy pants, just in case ;)
  • arameni
    arameni Posts: 105 Member
    Challenge Start Weight: 129.6
    Challenge Goal: 125
    Week 1: 132.6
    Week 2: 128.6
    Week 3: 129.0
    Week 4: 128.2
    Week 5: 128.0
    Week 6: 132.0
    Week 7: 129.2
    Week 8: 130.0

    A positive thought for the week: bathroom is done! It's nice to have a shower and toilet again!!!
    Healthy snack or meal: breakfast tacos!
    Best workout this week: dog walk... but uphill!

    Comments: weighed on Tuesday, looks like I'm headed back up. I've just been eyeballing instead of logging, so I guess that explains it. I need to log consistently. :neutral:

    Happy Thanksgiving! And nice work, everyone!

    Hope you feel better, leonadixon!

    How did that CPR class go?

    Lol I have to work on my Latin, and yay completed bathrooms!
  • shroodle88
    shroodle88 Posts: 123 Member
    edited November 2018
    Challenge Start Weight: 67
    Challenge Goal: 57

    Week 6: 60
    Week 7: 61

    A positive thought for the week: This bad streak cannot go on forever. As of Monday I have started logging consistently again.

    Healthy snack or meal: microwave popcorn without the butter

    Best workout this week: commuting on the bike again.

    Comments: So ... instead of losing I was gaining. Great. But for this week I have made myself a plan with daily goals I can tick off. Posted it on the bathroom mirror. I'll report back on Monday. Somehow I thought being back home with my routines, etc. would be easier. Turns out, living next to a full fridge and wine-drinking boyfriend with a love of ice cream is actually ... harder.

    Also, sorry for posting so late! I do weigh-ins, just don't always get around to posting.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all American members!
  • gesundundmunter
    gesundundmunter Posts: 219 Member
    Happy Thanksgiving! And nice work, everyone!

    Hope you feel better, leonadixon!

    How did that CPR class go?

    Lol I have to work on my Latin, and yay completed bathrooms![/quote]

    Thanks for asking about the class, arameni. I put on scrub pants and my old knee stabilizers and went onto the floor twice at home, grunting. Thank goodness, the mannekins were on the table this time! It was still a lot of effort and my hands hurting from the compressions but I got it, hurray!

    Yesterday, I vegged out on 3600 kcal of nice food while I worked in Photoshop for my class for the better part of the day but that's OK.

    Good luck with the Latin, that's one language I always refused to learn since not one people usually communicate in :).

    Have a good Black Friday - I'll continue to catch up on my portfolio in Photoshop - commencement in six months and onto a new career!
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