Weigh in Mon 26th November - Sun 2nd December

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  • tanyanie11
    tanyanie11 Posts: 45 Member
    sw: 95kg (8.8.2018)
    gw: 55kg
    lw: 81.6kg
    tw: 80.7kg
    ol: 14.3kg

    whew! i haven't eaten anything today so that's why it's so low. getting closer to my christmas goal though! 💪🏻
  • lisa9620
    lisa9620 Posts: 53 Member
    SW: 89kg (196.2lb) 9th July 2018
    GW: 75kg (165.3lb)
    LW: 78.4kg (172.8lb)
    TW: 79kg (174.1lb)
    OL: 10kg (22.1lb)
  • tonadayuu
    tonadayuu Posts: 58 Member
    LW: 70.0 kg
    TW: 69.7 kg

    I managed to lose even though I ate 3 slices of pizza on Sunday!
  • _j4de_
    _j4de_ Posts: 48 Member
    SW 168.75
    GW 140.00
    LW 145.25
    TW 143.75

    Lost since last weigh in 1.5lb
    Overall loss 25lb

    Not checked in for a few weeks, still plodding away at 0.5 a week, so really pleased with that! just a couple of pounds away from goal and then I will have a think about whether to go for a couple more pounds or switch to maintaining. But lets face it, Christmas comes smack bang in there so no doubt I'll have some damage control before I have to make that decision!
  • MegansMom2011
    MegansMom2011 Posts: 356 Member
    SW 194 lbs 2/12/17
    GW 125 lbs
    LW 149 lbs 11/21/18
    CW 147 lbs 11/30/18 (-2lbs)

    Total weight loss: -47 lbs!

    Yay! Despite Thanksgiving holiday foods (& starting my period today), I managed to lose weight this week! My 5k Turkey Trot race went well, but LOTS of hills. Trying hard to stay focused through the end of the year! Let's do this!
  • NHDaisy2
    NHDaisy2 Posts: 151 Member
    SW 208.6 lbs 2/10/18
    GW 150 lbs
    LW 185.1 lbs 11/17/18
    TW 186.7 lbs 12/01/18 (+1.6 lb)

    Total weight loss: -21.9

  • tinkerbellang83
    tinkerbellang83 Posts: 9,044 Member
    SW (1st Dec 2017): 217.2lbs
    Weigh In Info
    LW: 229.4lbs (Trend)/231.0lbs (Actual)
    TW: 229.3lbs (Trend)/228.4lbs (Actual)
    Variance: -0.1lbs

    Overall Loss from 1/12/16: 26.4lbs

    I've been travelling up and down the country all week, it's also been shark week, so any loss is a bonus. It's 2 years (yesterday) since I started taking weight loss more seriously and educated myself on how to do it in a sustainable manner here. The weight itself has yo-yo'd a bit this year but my measurements have remained mostly the same if not a little smaller in general.

    I have achieved amazing things with a body that 2 years ago was struggling even to walk to work.
    • I've started running regularly (and enjoying it)
    • I'm far more flexible from the yoga/stretching I started doing more regularly.
    • I've learned to row and taken part in a couple of races and charity events.
    • The 5kg dumbbells I used to use as my heavier weights are now the ones I use as the lightest.

    To top it off today is Day 700 of my streak


  • _Cherie_
    _Cherie_ Posts: 30 Member
    edited December 2018
    SW: 171
    CW: 154.6 (12/2/18)
    LW: 156.6 (11/25/18)
    GW: 138 lbs (healthy BMI for me)
    UGW: 115-120 lbs

    Down 2 lbs from last week. I'll take it!
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