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    feel free to add me! Can always use more friends!
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    Please add me too - know I need to drop my evening glass of wine...not managed it yet!
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    Hello All, I have recently started to take my eating habits and weight serious and I could use some friends in a similar situation to help me stay motivated! Please add me so I can hopefully return the motivation favor!
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    Me too, please add me to your friends list!
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    Me too! Me too!
  • I understand! Keep at it and use this MFP tool! I had no idea I was a "fat-aholic" eater as I was saying, yes it's ok to have fat. I have a friend at work and we are doing this together and having her to talk to on this journey is great! I hope your diet plan includes lots of good eating... mine is 1700 calories a day, but with most carbs coming from veggies--and that's the tough part. No dairy -- but YAY almond milk! Anyway, you are not alone and sometimes those last few pounds and fat loss are the hardest-- so hang in there!!!
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    You can add me B)
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    Please add me. I'm new and I need motivation too! x
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    add me! happy to have another accountability buddy :)
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    I need a little extra motivation myself - add me!