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Is there anyone here who is doing both keto and omad? I need some guidance and how to get all my calories in one meal, it seems impossible to me. I always end up eating less than half as much calories as I should be.


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    It is totally impossible for me.

    I do 16:8 fasting, and that leaves me room for 2 meals and a snack - I can get all my needed food in 2 meals and a snack.

    Maybe you would be more successful with 20:4 or 22:2 so you can fit in 2 meals even if they are close together?
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    I am not currently doing OMAD, but I have and it was very difficult for me to get my protein in. I didn't mind not meeting my calories as I welcomed the bigger deficit, but I look at protein as a goal (fat and carbs as limits) and having that much protein at one meal was too much for me to get down!
    I previously had the most success when doing 16:8 with two meals a day, no snack, and keeping at least two hours between those two meals.

    I am getting back on track to meet my original goals and will be doing the same thing again since I know it worked!
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    Thank you, I think you’re both right it might be best for me to do two meals instead of one. It doesn’t seem doable to get so many calories in at once.
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    I did Keto and IF 8/16 last year (two meals no snack) and it was a struggle to get in my calories. I don't think I could physically eat everything in one sitting. Why are you doing OMD?
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    I’m doing omad mainly for the weight loss benefits. Based on my research it tends to work faster than the other fasting plans. I also appreciate the fact that I don’t need to make several meals for the day, I just need to focus on one, that helps me a lot with sticking to keto because otherwise planning several meals plus snacks stresses me out and cost way more than I am willing to spend weekly.
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    If it is not something you will stick with or find hard to do there really isn't any benefit to OMAD. You can accomplish the same thing doing 2 meals a day and running a 16/8 type of IF. Only possible downsides to 2 meals a day is you have more dishes and spend more time eating.
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    You actually could still cook once and then just cook all of the food for the day and store half of it for reheating later.
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    Ok thanks for the responses guys, I appreciate it 😊
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    Currently doing a mix between OMAD and Keto, but usually, I'm only able to do a real 1-meal a day when I'm not working out, every other day I have to get 2 meals otherwise I'm just completely listless. So basically a 16:8 with two meals during that 8 hours time period when I'm being super active and going all out on the workouts, and a 23:1 when I'm working on the computer all day.
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    I can help you with that! I lost 17 pounds this past month doing this for a point of reference - still lots more to go. I messed up the first few times trying keto because all I had known was low carb - which is quite a bit different. I was not getting enough fat and I was getting way too much protein - there was a learning curve. Trying to figure out how to get the fat in without the protein took a little while to grasp. Now I figured it out and ended up doing OMAD (One Meal A Day) kind of by accident and found it works for me to control binging - which kind of sounds counter intuitive but because I’m so full and satisfied I just really don’t want anything else all day! If I start getting hungry before dinner I just have my water or if it’s bad I will make a mug or two of bone broth with some salt sprinkled. I eat the main meal between 11am-3 pm depending on my schedule.

    In order to get your calories in you need to get the fat in. MCT oil and avocado oil are my two main sources plus some butter and some heavy cream top it off.

    For keto/OMAD I found something that works for me and I don’t feel deprived or hungry and I get my macros in. I recently just shaved 200 calories off my day to 1200 because I was actually too stuffed at 1400 calories and it was time to scale back as my weight loss has stalled a little bit though still in ketosis (I use those keytone pee sticks periodically to make sure.).

    This gets me in at under 1200 calories, with about 75% fat, 18% protein and 7% carbs (It’s actually lower but MFP does not calculate net carbs and I’m not counting net carbs either because for me I found regular carbs and carbs have same effect.). I’m shooting for 75 fat 20% protein and 5% carbs but real life doesn’t always pan out that way and it’s close enough that it works:

    One key thing that makes a huge difference is that I count all measurements in grams. I can’t stress enough how critical this is. Let me tell you, you can change the macros in a half cup very easily by stuffing more in and it can throw you off so easily. Keep yourself accountable by using grams. Get a little digital scale that counts in both grams and ounces.

    If I find I don’t want coffee or fat bombs one day I will add the oil from that to my salad dressing or I will add crushed walnuts to my salad or some other high fat topping like avocado slices or olives.

    -One Keurig coffee pod (I use Green Mountain coffee hazelnut or coconut mocha)
    -7 g Kerrygold salted butter
    -1 Tbsp mct oil
    -2 Tbsp heavy cream (NOT HALF & HALF)
    -1tsp Lankanto Monkfruit sweetner
    -sprinkle in pumpkin pie spice if desire - I do some of the time :o) maybe 1/8 tsp

    Mix all with a hand immersion blender or if you don’t have one of those use a blender.

    And a big salad with shredded pork I did in slow cooker:
    -65 g baby spinach
    -225 g romaine lettuce
    -228 g slow cooked shredded pork with fat & juices microwaved with
    -28 g shredded Mexican cheddar cheese blend (big Costco bag)

    -1/2 a lemon juiced (about 1-2 TBSP)
    -1 Tbsp avocado oil
    -1 TBSP MCT oil
    -1 Tsp Kirkland/Costco no salt seasoning
    -1/8 tsp sea salt (optional - when I feel like it)
    Put all in a covered jar and shake it.

    Put greens in large mixing bowl. Dump on heated pork and cheese. Add ALL dressing, toss for 1-2 minutes to totally coat leaves with dressing and meat juices/fat. Yes you’re adding hot ingredient to the salad!

    Makes 2 overflowing bowls and it is so good!

    Then I have the coffee with 0-3 (depends on how I feel) chocolate cookie dough fat bombs using Lankanto sweetener and Lankanto chocolate chips. Listen, a girl still needs her chocolate. This treat is a game changer for me. I modified a recipe from

    2 cups fine almond flour
    1 stick (8tbsp) salted butter softened to nearly melted
    1/3 cup Lankanto classic sweetner
    1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract
    1/2 tsp kosher salt
    Mix all with hand mixer.

    Fold in 2/3 cup Lankanto chocolate chips by hand. Make 30 balls, place on parchment paper works good but is optional. Rerigerate. Done!

    I get a double pork roast tray from Costco. Not sure of the size offhand but they’re probably about 7- 9 pounds together. That has a fair amount of fat on one side and I cook it with the fat side up. Having a good amount of pork fat on your roast is important for the flavor and texture later because it melts!

    Dice up one large onion and eight stalks of celery, sprinkle 70% in bottom of pot. Add both pork roast fat side up. One small can of tomato paste spread over both roasts, add an entire head of garlic minced in garlic press (If you like less, use less but is subtle I promise), And 1 tablespoon of Costco Kirkland no salt seasoning and 2 tsp sea salt. Add water or bone broth up to about halfway up the roasts, Cover set to low for about 10 hours. Take two large serving forks and shred when they’re done. I save all the veg and all the fat and juice and use that in my account because it makes the lettuce and spinach so good. Two roasts lasts me close to 2 weeks and they only cost about nine dollars. You can freeze half, you can do just one roast and split the recipe, However it works for you. For me it’s easier just to do them both at once get it done and freeze any extra.