Protein Target Troubles

goodchapman Posts: 26 Member
Hey! I’m on day 2 and struggling to hit my protein. What do you do at the end of the day when you’re 10g below target? Got any quick fixes? My target is 89g protein (20%), carbs 5%, and fats 75%. 1326 cals.


  • raingirl21
    raingirl21 Posts: 167 Member
    Maybe a protein shake? There is one by Perfect Keto, its a chocolate base and is suppose to help you get into ketosis quick. You could combine it with almond or coconut milk as a dessert?
  • CentaurusSoter
    CentaurusSoter Posts: 433 Member
    Protein chips, pork rinds/chicharrones, protein shake with almond milk, tuna, avocado dip, mouth full of spinach. Really just look through your diary or the database and see what protein options fit what your eating style is. Some deli meats are really good for being high protein, low fat, and decent in the calorie department.

    Personally, I alternate protein chips and shelf stable protein shakes to fill my protein goals. Also so I don't feel like I've eaten 10lbs of meat in a day. Sometimes I really don't want to eat meat. normally, I'd just do a beans day, but that's not easy to do with Keto. Still, protein shakes really hit the spot and can be a decent dessert-y treat.
  • teresamwhite
    teresamwhite Posts: 947 Member
    A spoonful of nut or seed butter is pretty good at boosting protein, too.