Snack ideas?

What are your favourite go-to snacks?
I've been eating small portions of peanuts, or cheeses. Looking for some more quick snack ideas, eggs don't typically sit well for me.


  • ironmaidenchick
    ironmaidenchick Posts: 213 Member
    Olives , nuts, cucumber, gherkin, jerky, cheese, cherry tomatoes, biersticks, avocado, pork rinds, dark chocolate
  • KetoZandra
    KetoZandra Posts: 132 Member
    A crunchy piece of bacon with sour cream or guac.
  • laurainottawa
    laurainottawa Posts: 64 Member
  • techyrn808
    techyrn808 Posts: 21 Member
    I like Greek yogurt or cottage cheese with berries.
  • FrecklePatch
    FrecklePatch Posts: 71 Member
    I have jello. Peanuts. Baking cheese squares, in quarter slices, makes delicious crisps!
  • KarlaYP
    KarlaYP Posts: 4,439 Member
    edited February 2019
    I used to mix cream cheese with shredded cheese (fat bombs).

    Take a paper plate and top with a layer of pepperoni and microwave for one minute. Will come out crispy like a cracker. If they last long enough you can use them for dipping in sour cream or guacamole...! Some people put them on a paper towel to cook, but I found they stuck to the paper. So I just covered them with the paper towel instead!
  • dreamsilk
    dreamsilk Posts: 17 Member
    Hi! So some of my fave go-to snax are celery w/ almond butter, pepperoni chips, berries in cream cheese, dark chocolate square or 2 lol, a small atkins shake, dill pickle to name a few.
  • DvlDwnInGA
    DvlDwnInGA Posts: 368 Member
    Sugar free jello. Greek yogurt. Pork rinds. Jerky. Pretty much my go to snacks.

    Quest makes lots of snacks things as well. Though I don’t eat much of them anymore.
  • shelbydodgeguy
    shelbydodgeguy Posts: 194 Member
    Pickles, olives, peanuts, pork rinds, cheese, and avocados are my typical go-to when I feel a snack attack. I just had a couple ounces of jalapeno peanuts a bit ago.
  • kgmcgee
    kgmcgee Posts: 34 Member
    Warm bone broth, cucumbers with chive cream cheese, meat sticks, smoked almonds, cheese cubes. Whisps (bacon bbg) are my favorite crunchy snack!
  • itzcath
    itzcath Posts: 94 Member
    One word... Pinterest

    That being said a measuring cup of sugar free peanut butter is my go to if I don't feel like making something.
  • IronGiant0
    IronGiant0 Posts: 48 Member
    Thin slices salami
  • gwendyprism
    gwendyprism Posts: 222 Member
    I love an ounce of almonds and I use Laughing Cow cheese wedge for dip.
  • Housegoat
    Housegoat Posts: 20 Member
    hard salami and sharp cheddar cheese slices are my go too..