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Ways to not want to eat when your stressed out, that’s everyday for me, it’s hard to not want something to in your mind make you feel better but in truth is hurting you. When I eat I’m not thinking of everything that needs to get done at that moment.


  • johicks
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    @staciegmc ... I hope we can encourage and help provided useful techniques to one another.

    I find when I am stressed out or overwhelmed to actually STOP, take some good cleansing breathes, then make a list to help me prioritize what has to get done.

    Perhaps instead of reaching for food, grab pen & paper and find a calming spot to sit and write. Perhaps one with a view. When at work, I would choose a bathroom furthest away from my desk, that got in a walk and time to decompose, then regroup.
  • ladyzherra
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    You're not alone. Stress causes a desire to overeat and self-harm (which I feel overeating is). I work on trying to understand where my desire comes from, psychologically and emotionally, in order to combat overeating. This takes time...maybe a lifetime, but it's worth it. What are you after when you fill yourself up with food?

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    It's so easy to overeat and so hard to stop once you're indulging. Try to focus on a single task instead? Drink a glass of water. Wait 20 minutes and see if it passes?
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    Stress is also a trigger for me, but I've found that writing about my stress and ways to remove or manage it often remove the desire to overeat / binge / snack-attack.