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Just found out another friend was in the hospital with CHF and Afib. A few years ago he had lost a lot of weight using MFP, but stopped, reverted back to old habits, and gained it all back. I have had R/A for 15 years and Afib for 3, caused by OSA. I've lurked on a lot of threads and I see the same posts (including my own) about "resolving to do better, lost weight and put it back on, eating for this reason and that reason, etc." It's not about losing weight; that’s not that hard to do. Keeping it off is another thing entirely because it requires a lifestyle change, and that is difficult to do, especially in one's 50's. At least it has been for me as I’ve been resistant, almost defiant, in making the needed changes. In order to effect change you have to experience pain, deprivation, and sacrifice. Even though I have all the exercise and nutrition knowledge, have joined gyms, have all the equipment I need at home, I've come to realize that I’m not going to do it on my own. It’s not because I can’t, but because I will come up with a myriad of reasons why I missed this workout, overate on this day, drank too much on this night, etc. And I would be able to find plenty of people to commiserate with on MFP. This time, I want to dictate the narrative, so last week I joined a 28 day transformation program that involves guidance on nutrition, dining out, exercise, and small group HILT sessions. Is there a cost involved? Sure, but the cost to continue down the same road is going to be far more expensive in the long run physically, financially, and emotionally. When I work out I have always worked out hard, but it’s difficult to maintain intensity by one’s self. I’ve been to two sessions with my current program, and the small group environment is definitely a plus. The workouts are pushing me in ways I haven’t been pushed in a long time, and they’re hard, even for those who have been going. Even though we’re encouraged to work at our own pace I find myself working to get the most out of it. Getting feedback from trainers and encouragement from others in the class has definitely helped with my motivation.


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    Yesterday after completing my log I received a message from MFP that I had not consumed enough calories for the day and that a notice wouldn't be generated that I had completed my log, nor would it count towards what I would weigh in 5 weeks. Today I have adjusted my caloric intake to make sure I hit at least 1500, but that will not be my net so it will be interesting to see if I get it again. I was following the portion size of the nutrition plan I was provided, and as I thought, the portions were too small. I ate very clean, and will be doing so again today, but adding more veggies and protein to the mix. When too little calories are consumed it slows down the metabolism and can cause one to miss out on essential vitamins and nutrients. It feels good though to get dialed in and actually have to adjust up on intake.