Newcomer to OA

I am new to OA. I have AA experience and am on Step 4 in that fellowship. I know that to do it right you need a sponsor, go to meetings and work the steps. I am highly motivated. I am looking for a male OA sponsor. Preferably in the Atlanta area. I know nothing about OA.


  • cabwj
    cabwj Posts: 843 Member
    Hi Jason, not too much going on in this group. I did find some fellowship in OA facebook groups as well as on Reddit. There are also phone meetings that are kind of interesting. Best of luck to you with finding the right sponsor :-)
  • GrokRockStar
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    Hi Jason, it may be a challenge finding a male sponsor in OA, which is why you may see males with female sponsor. I think as long as what that person has that you want, you will find a match.