Bacon and Brussels sprouts

Panys_mom Posts: 96 Member
Something quick for a snack or the main dish. I use uncured thick cut bacon and I cook mine in the microwave in a bacon dish that saves the grease for later. If you look it the old way in the skillet, that's fine.

Boil Brussels sprouts for 5-10 minutes (fresh or frozen. While boiling, for skillet users, cut bacon into chunks and cook in skillet until done. Drain the Brussels sprouts and add to skillet stirring occasionally so they don't burn bit get a caramelized coating from the bacon grease.

Mine coated nicely after about 4 minutes. I then just crumbled the bacon in and mixed it together.

If you don't like Brussels sprouts, broccoli also works well.


  • fit4life_73
    fit4life_73 Posts: 435 Member
    This is my new favorite snack. I usually shred the brussel sprouts, sauté in bacon grease, add cooked bacon chunks back in. Delicious.

    I’ll have to try your method next time.

    Thanks for sharing.
  • Panys_mom
    Panys_mom Posts: 96 Member
    Like wise. Never shredded them before.
  • zenJes
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    I did chopped brussel sprouts n leek with bacon as a side dish which was epic
  • Emmapatterson1729
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    I will try this!

    I love brussel sprouts, I usually roast in the oven with olive oil and parmesan cheese.

    I'll have wait until winter to try with bacon. I live in a tourist town, summer prices on beef bacon go way up. And turkey bacon (cheap) cooks dry and doesn't produce grease.