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Welcome to the August 2019 Ultimate Accountability Challenge!

Some of you have been with this challenge for months and some are brand new. This is one of the hardest challenges to stay with throughout the entire month. FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS!! Log every BLT (Bite, Lick, Taste). Stay strong and true to yourself....YOU WILL SUCCEED!!

Please feel free to share as much information as you feel comfortable sharing about yourself with the rest of the group. I look forward to getting to know all of you a little better.



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    Hi everyone I am back after stepping away for awhile. I finally have hubby in therapy to get him ready for his knee surgery. I have my parents use to a one day a week where I do whatever they need. I just went for my follow up with my primary. It's not pretty so I have a lot to work on. Baby steps for me too but the home front seems to be stable.
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    @pribud and @2020pinktogo hiiii! It's great to have you back!
  • Intrinsicat
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    I did UAC in 2016 and then life got crazy getting my house fixed up to sell and combining households with the beau with the kids off to college now. I’m turning 48 this week and heading out on a cruise next weekend to celebrate the boyfriend’s mum’s 80th bday! So more than likely I won’t make the winners circle this go around, but we’ve brought a WiFi box for island stops so should be good to log in every other days and keep at it so I can get right back in the grove when we get back! Love the accountability and support here. I’m horrible at self maintenance but very good at competition and accountability to others 😅 and really enjoy the support and positive energy here! 🥰

    My highest weight was after my DD was born at 217. I generally let myself get to 199 before that 200 number looms and i hunker down and get somewhere between 175 and 180 where I feel pretty good. I’d love to 165! Any smaller than that and I don’t think my German Swedish Viking heritage would handle it 😂(that’s an excuse) 😂
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    I have been with MFP for over 8 years now but only tracking intermittently. Accountability is a hard point for me I tend to slide off quickly when I start skipping days.
    I have hit my highest weight ever and it was a shock so I started exercising and tracking 2 weeks ago.
    I want to continue to go strong and I hope this challenge will keep me on track.
    The group sounds like it is just the thing I need and am looking forward to start.

  • shnerb00
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    I’m new to this seems to be exactly what I need! I am looking for some inspiration and accountability as I work to build healthy daily habits. I’ve always been fairly committed to getting exercise in but I have never managed to make logging meals and healthy eating a part of my daily routine. As a result, I’ve slowly gained 20 unwanted lbs. Looking forward to learning some habit forming strategies from those who make the coveted Winning Circle!
  • happysherri
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    Hey there, just found and joined this group for August. I need more accountability. I will do my best. :)
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    Hi, everyone! I used to follow MFP, but was always very successful on Weight Watchers. It just won't do it for me anymore and now I'm realizing I was eating too much sugar and not NEARLY enough calories (due to free-points fruit on WW). I am very excited about my weight loss so far with MFP and it keeping me on track, so this challenge is what I need, along with the people to share the happiness and hardships with!!! I look forward to the encouragement and encouraging!!!