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skinny4me2beskinny4me2be Posts: 365Member Member Posts: 365Member Member
Good morning. Upped my calories this week and I can't get over how well I feel. Slept through the night one night-dropped a half a pound too.

Curious if anyone one here has used Liift4 workout in conjunction with this way/lifestyle of eating?


  • JacksMom12JacksMom12 Posts: 1,044Member Member Posts: 1,044Member Member
    My fiancé and I are starting it after we finish the one we are on now, so I will know soon :) Just started back on the MFP train, but was a daily user and member of this group for years. Feels good to be back!!
  • FireORoseFireORose Posts: 16Member Member Posts: 16Member Member
    I loved LIIFT4 I was at my lowest weight last year on that program. Good luck!
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