Any health care professionals?

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Hello all!
Are there any health care professionals in this group? If so, what keeps you going? I am in my last year of pharmacy school and I am restarting my journey. 7 lbs down as of the writing of this post. 93 more to go. Some days I look at my patients and that’s enough to motivate me. After all. How can I tell them to be healthier when I’m this overweight myself? My duty is to my patients and to lead by example. But sometimes it’s so difficult to stay motivated. Especially when you feel the hypocrisy of it all. So what keeps you going? How do you handle the self depreciating thoughts of “ I know better this should never have happened to me”


  • TwinThompson
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    I work in the care sector, 12hr nightshifts looking after the elderly.
    It’s definitely motivated me to lose weight, there’s a lot more bariatric patients now and it’s so embarrassing for them when they need help with personal care etc and we have to get extra equipment or staff to help because of their size. I don’t want to be that patient.