Sync problem

Does anyone can found solution for sync band with myfitnesspal


  • hady_ahmed
    hady_ahmed Posts: 8 Member
    I know the only way was Googlefit but it update myfitnesspal with wrong data I manually update myfitnesspal now
  • scaredofscale
    scaredofscale Posts: 24 Member
    edited October 2019
    Yeah, I always get 2,000-3,000 more steps on google fit than I do on mi band even though I turned of step tracking in google fit. I just try to ignore the extra.
  • hady_ahmed
    hady_ahmed Posts: 8 Member
    So we have problem we need to report that on both app google fit and mi fit plz report the case I did
  • Sizuka_cc
    Sizuka_cc Posts: 3 Member
    I guess they will never support MiBand :( Even if I am paying also a subscription , I can't use it with my band . And no I do not want to use another brand . I do not like to charge it all the time , that is why i love MiBand !