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Do you want to show off your progress? Here's the place to do it.

Please keep in mind that these forums are not private. Make sure that you feel comfortable sharing photos in a public setting before doing so. Also, there's no pressure to share pictures if you're not comfortable!

Lastly, if you quote a post here in a reply, please do not quote the picture as well.


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    Nice progress!
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    Wow! That's awesome
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    Well Done, Merph!
  • merph518
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    @jafinnearty That's some wonderful progress! It's such a great feeling when you put on old clothes and wind up swimming in them like that.
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    merph518 wrote: »
    @jafinnearty That's some wonderful progress! It's such a great feeling when you put on old clothes and wind up swimming in them like that.

    Thank you, @merph518 ! It's been insane so far, and as I've only been tracking the loss for just under a year, there's 20 pounds between that first photo and the second that I don't know when they went to (though I'm not complaining!).

    I hadn't seen a real difference yet, until my mother insisted I look at myself before and after. I was reluctant as I generally avoid full-length mirrors like the plague. I finally gave in...and I was shocked! And thrilled! I tried to get a picture that was somewhat similar to the original so I could compare with confidence. :D

    I've been having clothing issues for some months. I have lost track of how many pairs of jeans I have bought in the past year that were the wrong size because I am continuing the weight-loss.

    On an additional note, MFP and this group specifically have been a wonderful motivation and mental health tool for me since I started a few months ago. Seeing everyone's hard work and reading the wonderful stories and hearing about the progress has been so helpful! I'm so glad that I found it and have all you wonderful folks to talk to about this stuff. :)
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    Yeah, I also have a hard time seeing a difference unless I compare then and now -- be it in pictures, the clothes I used to wear, or even just things I can do now that I couldn't before.

    I find myself making those comparisons often to keep me motivated -- especially when progress on the scale is slow.
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    Fantastic pics :smile: The difference is amazing and definitely an inspiration x
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    @scaredofscale Hopefully you're not scared of the scale anymore. Amazing progress. Are you at your goal now?

    I'm glad to see that more people are feeling comfortable enough to share :)